Soviet Movie Café: War Dramas X

Another TV-series telling about events of the Second World War (1941-1945) in Russia, therefore worthy of watching, is “Battalions Ask for Fire” (1985) made by the Soviet film-directors Vlad’imir Tchotabir’ev & Alexandr Bogol’ubov.  It is based on a historical war story by Yuri Bondarev reconstructing events of one of the most important period in the war for us: 1943, crossing of the river Dnepr. Both the story & the plot are authentic historical evidences shaped as cultural elements that might be comprehended by anyone.

During 4 episodes the TV-series tells in details & reconstructs the environment & battles of the crossing of the Dnepr. Another page of the Great War (1941-1945) becomes alive before our eyes. In fact, only 1943 became a true breaking through year for the Soviet Army. About 4 million persons were involved in the war campaign upon the river Dnepr. Battles were severe & atrocious. Our victory liberated the territory of Ukraine from the Nazi as well as it caused a considerable loss of forces in the enemy’s camp.

Unfortunately, the movie “Battalions Ask For Fire” has not been translated in any language yet, so I offer you, Esteemed Readers, a Youtube version with its auto-translation in any language: Episode 1, Episode2, Episode 3, Episode 4.

Enjoy the movie!

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. Thank you, Maria. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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