La Gazette 1635: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, 1635 has already begun, so there are more hope for a misty peace in our exhausting Thiry Years’ War (1618-1648). Battles are more furious, negotiations are hotter while the life goes on & our La Gazette adds more Extraordinary tidings I’m going to share with you.

 EXTRAORDINARY NEWS on discovering on bodies of four Saint Martyrs:

Paris, 1 st January 1635: ” There is nothing better than to begin this year with discovery of some Martyrs’ bones. Among them there is a Saint Martyress, a noble Roman Virgin (named Martina) who was martyrized this very day on the 1st of January more than 1400 years ago in the second year of the Pontificate of Urban I (-230) & in the fourth year of the reign of Severus Alexander the Emperor (222-235).

This Martyress was a noble Roman Virgin whose father had been elected as a Council three times. She became an orphan in 228 AC  being yet too young. She gave all her heritage to the poor & dedicated herself to God. When Domitrius Ulpian was inaugurated as a Prefect of Rome he started prosecuting the Christians. He brought the Roman Virgin to the Temple of Apollo to sacrifice her<…> As the cradle of the Church was yet full of frequent miracles the manuscripts & authentic editions of the Vatican Library tells that this very Virgin managed to make the Temple Idol fall just with a cross of her fingers & caused a serious ground shaking that also buried under ruins a great number of pagan citizens. So the Prefect ordered to torture her: she was pieced with iron needles by 17 executioners. Four Angles appeared. They consoled the poor maiden & turned the needles against their torturers who were instantly converted to Christianity. When the Prefect learnt about it he decapitated them & continued torturing the maiden. Everything was in vain: her exhausted body transmitted the Divine light protecting her. As a result she was torn apart & given to the lions of the Amphitheatre. They did not touch her body but killed the one who had brought it there. By the Prefect’s order the poor died maiden was decapitated while the rests of her body were thrown at the outskirts of Rome. They were guarded by two flying eagles until the Christians found them.  They built a small Chapel in the Church of Saint Luke where they buried them.

This sacred place was ruined long ago but it was happily rediscovered  on the 25th of October 1634. Bones of  three other Martyrs were found together with Saint Martina’s body. In the sepulchre there were two small stones & two wonderfully decorated well kept glass vases with notes explaining that they were Saint Martina, Saint Concordio & Epiphanio with their companion:

“Τ Hic requiescunt corpora Sanctorum Martyrum Martina Virginis, Concordij & Epiphanij cum socio eorum.”

Vive le Roy!

Maria KethuProfumo

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Russian Dance: Summer

Esteemed Readers, this is another Russian dance performed by our famour Igor Moiseev’s Dance Group. Enjoy the performance!🎉🎉🎉

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Louis XIV Asks New Riddles I

Esteemed Readers, this year we return to our historical background & guess riddles from a French book of 1716. Good luck! 😊 Hint: the first riddle is dedicated to a well-known & widely used field plant.

“In the field & in villages simple peasants work with me, while in the most beautiful palaces I sometimes entertain even most severe Queen. I adorn the most pious & a young coquette; I might be seen in a hair crown & I might appear on a dress fold. I’m always welcomed on tables of the most famous persons. I have no bad intention but I’m so thin that I’m able to slip into a chamber of a most discreet Lady to watch her going to sleep & even can stay on her bed”.

REPLY to the Riddle posted on December 23, 2022:THE NIGHT SKY 

Image: Tapestry, Charles le Brun

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Astrological corner. All about stars: Polaris

Esteemed Readers, I believe that each blogger is a modern romanticist therefore you should be attracted with the night sky & the stars. No matter what you prefer more: astronomy or astrology 😊 I hope that you will find my notes about celestial bodies curious & useful. This time we shift a bit an alphabetic order to start with the most important star that is Polaris.

Since the times immemorial it participated actively in historical events & life of ordinary people. It is the star of hope for sailors & travellers, the star of navigation. Its influence was noted both in Europe & in the Middle East.  It was called Stella Polaris in Latin, Scip-Steorra (ship star) is the Old English, Dhruva (fixed) in the Indian Sacred texts the Puranas, al-Judayy (a young goat) in the Arabic astrology. Christianity endowed it with spiritual sense. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary & named the Marian Polar Star.

Polaris is situated in the Northern Hemisphere, it joins the constellation Ursa Minor & is considered to be so called a fixed star. It means that it does not move relative to the Earth. It is amazing to think that since the epoch of dinosaurs it shifted only for 0.66 grades as the modern astronomical calculations say. Its distance to the Earth is 433 light-years. (Please, keep it in mind if you are going to a space journey). Polaris is a triple stellar system that unites a yellow super giant with other two smaller stars. It is a pulsating star, its temperature & colour varies.

Astrology regards its influence both positive & negative. On one hand, it is a star of high spiritual level, it might help to obtain power & social influence however it is very uncertain if a person takes it for granted. Polaris is a star of duty, it might give you a world of good only if you develop your best moral qualities. In case if you don’t, it will bring you misfortunes, grieves & sufferings to teach you or to make you comprehend that the spirit is far more important than passing pleasures of the material existence.

You can contemplate Polaris all year round in the Northern Hemisphere, while it is completely invisible in the Southern one.

Happy stellar journey!🎇✨✨☺

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Vintage Toys I

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Esteemed Readers, this year I’m going to share with you  some images of vintage toys. Perhaps, some ones are familiar to you. As a toy maker I’m interested in the toy history as toys of the past were different. They demanded a lot of imagination & skills. Besides, there was no industry, all of them were hand-made. Let’s plunge into old pictures to smile & to admire what a human being might create!

The first set represents crocheted toys of 1970s.

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Tico & the Man’s Stories: Green Parrot & the Noise

Once upon a time in wild evergreen forests of Brazil there was a handsome Amazon parrot. He was kind, joyful, full of sympathy and, for certain, curious as all the parrots were. However, he was a bit unusual. He was born during a rainy season. The moment when he was cracking the shell of his egg drops fell right on it singing ‘Tic-tic!’ So, his mother comprehended it as a special sign and called her newborn Tico.

For a long period of time Tico had a perfect life of a joyful tropical parrot. It was full of bird’s events, curious discoveries and even dangerous ventures. One of them, a curious expedition to a snake liar ended with a serious fracture of his right wing. Tico survived but was never able to fly so well as before and lost his leading place in his flock. The parrot did not give up and he decided to get married saying: “Flying is not everything for a parrot! Our forest is full of curious things! I shall find a good wife, and together we shall live a happy life!” Nevertheless, this plan failed as young and beautiful she-parrots either refused or paid no attention to our hero. They did not need his good heart and cheerful disposition.

It was a rainy season again when a sad Tico decided to give up his illusion of a happy family and to discover a real deed he could dedicate his life. As soon as he did so, he suddenly heard a delightful noise and for the first time in his life he imitated it. It came out very clearly. Listening to his own voice made him happy. He absorbed into sound imitation and passed this way the whole tropical winter. Sounds he was listening were melancholic songs of ordinary raindrops.

Let’s make Tico & the Man more famous. Please, share this post and the links below for more people to learn about this amazing, kind and talented singer:

Youtube, Official Site, Facebook 

 Maria KethuProfumo in collaboration with Tico & the Man Frank Maglio

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Tico & the Man’s Stories: Welcome!

Esteemed Readers, this year I have prepared a surprise for you. Let me introduce you an amazing talented singing Amazon parrot Tico and his company: Frank Junior who represents a guitar part of the performance, Mr. Frank who plays the piano, and Gina the Muse of all of them. Besides, they are a united family our hero belongs to. They love our feathery singer very much and do their best to develop his singing skills.

Tico is not an ordinary parrot. His destiny kept his talent hidden until his eighteen anniversary. It burst out suddenly during dull pandemic times when Frank was playing his guitar. Tico liked the sound and began to sing back. Everybody was surprised to discover his interest in music. First videos were recorded and downloaded in the Youtube where they met a heartfelt response of viewers. The project was named “Tico & the Man”. So the story began…

We are going to follow Tico’s musical path not only in videos I’m going to share (by authority of Tico & Frank). Found himself in Eternamenta blog Tico will travel around the world of music. They are short tales of mine that will join Tico’s performances.

Enjoy Tico’s adventures in the world of music!

Let’s make Tico & the Man more famous. Please, share this post and the links below for more people to learn about this amazing, kind and talented singer:

Youtube, Official Site, Facebook 

 Maria KethuProfumo in collaboration with Tico & the Man Frank Maglio

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Voyage de Siam par l’Abbé de Choisy 1685-1686 XXII

Esteemed Readers, winds, wine & Southern seas are crucial points of a new turn of our voyage. We are somewhere there but not exactly in the place we must be. Prepare for new adventures near mysterious the Terra Australis (don’t mix up with Australia)! 😉🥂

Aboard the Oiseau, 2 July 1685

“The sea is quite calm but the wind rages as ever. The altitude is 34 degrees 55 minutes. We are moving to the South expecting to meet the Western winds there. We see plenty of birds from all the sides. It makes us believe that some lands are nearby…”

Aboard the Oiseau, 3 July 1685

“The sea is marvellous, the wind is good to guide our wheel. We must be approaching Terra Australis (NB: probably the Isle of Java). It will make our route direct. Does not it remind you  a story of a good man Arosca Roitelet Austral that you have read? He was well recieved by the Captain Gonneville. I suppose that the new Captain of this land is the grandson of the Captain’s grandson. There are 150 years between us, so I believe that we shall be welcomed much better. I don’t worry beforehand about things that are going to happen, however I dare to suppose that he would not be too severe to border the Terra Australis. A good man Arosca left his son to Gonneville to bring him to France agreed that he (Gonneville) would sail back with him during eighteen moons together with two pieces of Canons to make troubles for Arosca’s neighbours. Gonneville broke his word. Arosca is still waiting. What if they arrange a legal suit against us there? It’d be better to sail directly to Batavia where we shall be recieved as well as in the Cape.

I say, here are my moaning begins! We shall not reach Siam this year. It’s fifteen days we do nothing but sail back. The Southwestern wind is opposite & changeable: it has started with the New Moon & will last for some time more. So, where should we go? More than thousand lieuës separate us from Batavia. When we arrive there the monsoon of Siam will pass. What a pity! To spend the winter in the company of the Dutch who don’t love you as much as they declare! Oh, poor France, when shall we see you again? Uff…a year has been lost.

Oh, my good Messieurs, I speak too much about them but it does not mean that all is said & that you will be disappointed. Don’t you remember our route after three still days? Everything seemed to have been lost: we had no chance to see the Cape pretty in time. Keep going! Keep going! It will be all right. We shall pray God & drink our Spanish wine which, between us, I find wonderful. Good winds will come. As they brought us here, they will do to Siam for certain!…”

Dieu Vous Ait en Sa Sainte Garde,

Vostre l’Abbé de Choisy ”

Previous posts of the Voyage (I-XXI) is here.

Image: Tapestry, 17th century, France

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Russian Orthodox Icons: Our Lady of Kazan

Esteemed Readers, we continue our travel around the Orthodox world. This year it is dedicated to our Icons. The story of the Saint Images is very interesting as it always mixes a miracle with difficulties of life, while its contemplation is considered to be an open door leading to the Lord. I invite my followers & visitors from other Orthodox countries to join this travel & to discuss about differences in the Saint Images’ depiction.

Before we move to the story of our most famous & most venerated Icon, I would like to pay your dearest attention to the fact that the icon-painting is a specific genre of art. Dark colours & serious expressions call for a deeper meditation, for a more profound spiritual dialogue & experience.

The first Image we are going to speak about is, certainly, Our Lady of Kazan. This Icon is considered to be a prototype of the Byzantine Icons. It was brought to Moscow in 1516 for our tsar Valisij III(1479-1533) & was kept there until the beginning of the 20th century. It was named after Kazan due to a miracle happened in 1579. A fire took place in the town & a little girl dreamt with the Image of the Virgin Mary similar to the one depicted on the Icon that begged her to go & to search the Icon among ashes. The icon was found, while this day is remembered even today: it is July 8 (21) 1579.

In 1904 this very Icon was stolen & nobody knows exactly what happened afterwards: if it was burnt or just disappeared.

You can discover a great number of Our Ladies of Kazan in our Orthodox churches. All of them keep the spirit & origin of their historical prototype. All of them are full of the Saint Spirit & send a strong Christian message.

A curious fact: On the 7th of April 2011 Our Lady of Kazan was delivered to the International Space Station where it is kept until now. It travels around the world together with the spacemen.

Our Lady of Kazan is celebrated on the 21st of Juy & on the 4th of November.

Maria KethuProfumo

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La Gazette 1634: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, it is the end of the year, so here are some brief but extraordinary tidings of the Thirty Years’ War period (1618-1648). On my behalf, I wish you the year like these news: full of entrances & treasure discoveries! Happy New Year!

Entrance of Sieur de Saint Chamont at the town Aix de Provence:

“On the tenth of the previous month he entered there guiding six hundred Gentlemen: there were most honorable Seigneurs of the province among them. People were joyful & welcomed them cheerfully. If anybody doubts about their zeal on the Royal duty, he is badly informed of the local affairs…”

Discovery of a marble quarry :

“In brief, I’m going to tell you something that must push France of to-day to reveal all its miracles. One of them will make Italy jealous for certain. I mean a marble quarry full of white, black & red jasper solid stone discovered in the parish of Iugné, province of Main at the banks of the river Sarte a short while ago. Some columns (12 feet height & 2 feet diameter) have already been cut from them. The nature learns the Frenchmen that is their land is needed to their neighbours, they will be able to satisfy their own needs…”

Vive le Roy!🎄🥂🎄 Good bye 1634! Welcome 1635!

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