Jean-Baptiste Lully: Amadis

“Amadis” is a music tragedy by Jean-Baptiste Lully based on a famous chivalric novel by Garci Rodrigez de Montalvo named “Amadis de Gaula”. It was staged for the first time in January 1684 . It was the first music tragedy created by Lully, while the plot was chosen by Louis XIV in person.

The plot so far: “The prologue opens with Amadis’ death. The sorceress Urgande & her husband Alquif have been immersed in a profound dream, but a new hero (Louis XIV), who aims to teach great people of Earth the art of war & reigning, breaks the spell.  Then the tragedy begins. Amadis is a brave knight in love with Oriane, a friend of his childhood. Their feelings are complicated: they pass from jealousy to reproaches. Another couple, Floresan & Corisande, is their opposition. At the same time there are love dissapointments in the magic world: the sorceress Arcabonne suffers from love to an unknown stranger who saved her life, while the evil Arcalaus makes her pregnant to revenge the death of their brother who was killed by Amadis. Both of them wish to kill the knight, so by means of magic powers they prison Amadis, Floresan & Corisande. Arcabonne desires to slaughter them but having recognized Amadis as her saviour she liberates everybody. While the evil Arcalaus has caught Oriane & is going to take her life. She manages to run away & meets her beloved sleeping. Supposing that he is dead, she is going to follow him. That instance the sorceress Urgande appears sailing by a ship shaped as a dragon. She helps the couple to escape & to make peace, while Arcabonne & Arcalaus commit a suicide. Amadis proves his fidelity passing through the magic arc & this way he saves other couples from evil spells”.

The plot has much in common with Ludovico Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso”, on the other hand it raises plenty of important questions regarding love, fidelity & the magic playing its part in them.

Esteemed Readers, if you wish to read the novel, here is a link to Wikipedia. There is the Italian version. I have already downloaded it.

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Mercure Galant: Louis XIV Travels to Luxemburg II

“Most of the Officers who are accustomed to travel riding joined together & moved along the both sides of the carriages to avoid the dust so disturbing this season, & to be able to serve the King. A great number of them assisted the suite of the Court as well…

I should notice here that His Majesty has almost always dined in Villages during this voyage. Undoubtedly you will imagine (& your feeling will be quite consistent) that there were too many big & rich Villages to have the honour of receiving so great Monarque. However everything went out pretty on the contrary: the poorest ones had an advantage to be favourite ones  & they were being marked along the way with precision I couldn’t omit. You must not doubt about that as I should tell you that His Majesty, – who doesn’t travel without the Map of the Place where He goes, – every day examines places prepared for him & ones he has to pass by. He is informed about the Village conditions, then named less convenient because the Court doesn’t stay anywhere without paying beforehand. It is done in all the Villages where staying has been arranged during this voyage.

One day the King dined in a green pavillion where most of the Tables for the Court had been layed as well. Before the dinner all the peasants had been paid for cutting branches & building this construction. Besides they got money for everything the Village could serve to the tables & for the necessary supplements of the Court équipage, including hay & oats. The King was rather generous with them on other issues wishing these happy Villagers to remember for long the encounter with the Prince who knows to admire every day…”          To be continued.

The Voyage, Part I:

Vive le Roy! 🙂

PS. Painting by Nicolas Poussin

Maria KethuProfumo

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La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today 1632

Esteemed Readers, the history comes along its way. The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) continues, bringing more combats, grief & calamities to Europe. Reading the historical news I become wondering if we have a right to speak about nations after such a huge conflict where armies freely passed from one part of the continent to the other & back. Anyway, here are some events of Juin 1632:

Berlin, 1st Juin, 1632: “Elector of Brandebourg’s troops, in quantity of 16 thousand persons, accompanied by the King of Sweden entered Silesia where they occupied towns Grosglogau, Bevite, Gezou, Stein, Winfek, Bauden, Sprotau, Sagan & Vryftad. The Imperial ones have also left Richenbach, Schweidnits & Gaver & have withdrawn to Glatz in Bohemia. Nevertheless, Elector of Brandebourg always moves ahead in the country where he becomes the master of any town because he has divided his army in two parts. The Swedish regiments left in Pomerania are being expected in Bohemia these days  to rescue the Saxons who have been pressed well. This week they must obtain their accommodation near town Blanwen where peasants have willingly prepared it for them…”

Leipsic, 4 of the given month, 1632: “The Imperial troops have regained & desolated the city Prague, then they have left it unable to guard due to its huge size. Pleased they have fortified their position in the white mountain where they have left a garisson: now it is pursuing the Saxons aiming to chase them away from Bohemia…”

Cazal, 14th Juin, 1632: “This place is supplied with everything necessary to make it the third front for those who would wish to attack it, no matter that we are in deep sorrow over the decease of Duke de Mayenne, the third son of our Duke de Mantova, who died of pleurisy at the age of twenty on the 21st of the previous month…”

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Soviet Movie Café: The Land of Sannikov

The Soviet cinema is full of wonderful psychologically deep adventure movies. One of the most famous of them is “The Land of S’annikov” based on the true hypothesis about its existence. In the 19th centuries some researches seemed to behold a phantom isle in the Arctic Ocean & dreamed to reach it seeking for gold.

The movie plot: An exiled aristocrat Alexander Ilyin dreams to discover the Land of Sannikov. This venture is very risky as none who has tried before him returned back ever. So, under a pretext to find the gold he persuades the owner of the golden mines to arrange an expedition there. Alexander is lack of the proper people. No matter the obstacles, he sails off with the crew consisted of a brave officer Eugenij Krestovkij, Porfirij, (the mine owner’s servant who is ordered to kill everybody if the gold is found), & Gubin, Ilyin’s old friend, an escaped convict & a former doctor.

Each of them will have to face not only misfortunes of the unknown. There will be a great deal of quests & trials which will reveal their true human essence either for good or for bad.

The movie is captivating, inspiring & very humane. It depicts our light & dark sides, shows weakness & the strength of spirit.

On Youtube I have discovered a version with an auto-translation:

The Land of Sannikov

Enjoy watching in any language, Esteemed Readers! Even…if the auto translation is awful, the movie is worth watching. Definitely!

‘There is just a moment between the past & the future. This moment is called life!”

Maria KethuProfumo!

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Louis XIV Asks Riddles VI

Esteemed Readers, in the Midsummer time a sort of a magic riddle is very welcome. So, I offer your one looking forward to your brilliant suggestion. (The hint is Midsummer theme). Good luck!

“A forest of Love is placed so high that one can behold stars below. Its magic force is well-proved, while its aspect is both dangerous & tender: by means of cruel & crafty malice, where neither iron nor fire are necessary, it makes its nets for our precipice & the strongest ones are the most desired.”

REPLY to the Riddle posted on May 24, 2020: MASK

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Tom Jobim: Piano Na Manguiera

Collaboration of Tom Jobim and Chico Buarque demonstrates us a sparkling reflection of another union of two geniuses. Chico Buarque, whose air of samba adds some special traits to sublimation of Bossa Nova, turns the music into something completely extraordinary.

“Piano na Mangueira” is a music piece dedicated to the Carnival, its beats & a proud experience of participating in a procession. May it be a sort of a new source of vital forces which are returning back worldwide after some months of the global virtual insanity named…you know how. 🙂

We dance & laugh, Esteemed Readers! Life is bright! Life is joy! Life is Mangueira!

Maria KethuProfumo

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Jean-Baptiste Lully in Jazz

Esteemed Readers, I have suddenly discovered this pretty curious jazz performance of Jean-Baptiste Lully’s music. This piece “Air tendre” from his Suite in E Minor demonstrates how much his style of the past is connected with Bossa Nova…Well, I’m not  music expert but…I wish to find correlations between two parts of his great Spirit printed in centuries for ever.

The present Air is adapted for saxophone & the pipe organ. Enjoy listening!

Vive le Roy! 🙂

PS: Painting by Claude Lorrain

Maria KethuProfumo

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Tom Jobim: Two Kites

No matter that Tom Jobim confessed to be a lazy student of foreign languages, the American period of Bossa Nova’s adventures (1960s) proves that it was not so. Perhaps our musical genius could not perceive the language as well as he did being Jean-Baptiste Lully, who had had to make the French his new native one, but his skill of singing passed through centuries.

In the USA Frank Sinatra & Tom Jobim recorded a disk in English (1967). Then our great composer collaborated with Sting & some other English-speaking singers & always successfully.

Today I present you attention, Esteemed Readers, a wonderful light summer Bossa Nova piece named “Two Kites” from his album “Terra Brasilis”. This track proves again & again that a true talent is able to express himself in various languages of the world.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Jean-Baptiste Lully: Air Pour Madame la Dauphine

Esteemed Readers,

I would like to present you this wonderful piece of string music made by Jean-Baptiste Lully. This air makes a part of his profound work named “Idylle sur le Paix” (1685), created in a close collaboration with Jean Racine.

May this tender dance add some delightful air of Louis XIV’s travel I have posted before.

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Mercure Galant: Louis XIV Travels to Luxembourg

Esteemed Readers, I would like to share with you some curious news about Louis XIV’s journey happened in June 1687. “Mercure Galant” published a special edition dedicated to this solemn event, so I will post some pretty curious extracts.

“The journey was arranged on the 10th of May, however Madame la Duchesse (Louis-Françoise de Bourbon) suddenly had measles infection, so it made the King postpone the trip to the 10th of the given month. This very day, after having gone to the Mass in the Palace of Versailles, the King departed with all the persons of honour & his army…The number of those who were obliged to make this Journey was huge: Troops of the Royal House; a great part of Regiments of Guards,Gendarmes & Light Horse with some regiments of Bodyguards…

As the King had to pass Paris, People, longing for beholding him, had occupied all the places on his way since dawn & prepared to wait for him for long hours not to miss a chance to wish him good health & a happy trip with their exclamations. The Religious had also left their monasteries & convents, while most windows were filled with people of dignity. The King had always attracted hearts not by his rank but by his perfect manners. He greeted almost any Lady he saw in the windows. His Majesty passed the Place of Victory where Messire Duke de la Feuillade & M. le Prevost of the Merchants were expecting him with other people of the first rank. (Louis XIV had to inspect some construction works there). His Majesty seemed to be very contented & suggested that they had to continue the design they had begun…” To be continued.

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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