Write Letters, Dear Friends!

Too much information & too much visual instruments have made us lazy & careless. Our brain is always I-washed and step-by-step humanity loses knowledge of the genuine art. Especially of the one that used to be called literature. At present a book publishing is a growing global trend, that, unfortunately, menaces to erase the true sense of such a wonderful & sophisticated phenomenon as writing.

There are too many of those who believed to be born real writers…but they are not. There are too many books that should have never been published even in e-format…because they are real rubbish… And there are too many people who promote writing… when their main goal is only to have a profit from these poor “genii“. All that destroys literature as a genre and it’s time to accept this fact.

To write the book is a big responsibility, I would say too big. For, first of all, it’s a responsibility before God. All our thoughts, ideas, feelings we put in our work are evidences of our outlook and if our moral level is too low, that good writing heritage we could leave to this world? At the same time, the problem of an excessive rubbish publishing must be regarded from another curious point of view: many people write simply because they are lack of self-expression. And they are lack of self-expression because we don’t write letters anymore. Remember, Esteemed Readers, especially those who are already of the advanced age & full of wisdom, there was time when people communicated via letters. They spent hours describing, discussing, arguing something with somebody on paper. They trained their brain, handwriting & patience too. And it always brought its fruit: sooner or later their correspondence became a brilliant piece of a true, alive history.

To write books or not to write – that decision one must make realizing all the consequences, while to write a letter is a great tradition that gives us much more than we expect. We should not give it up, otherwise sooner or later words themselves will disappear & we will remain mute.

Maria KethuProfumo

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What time is it…in the Internet

Time is rather relative, however the Internet distorts its perception. The Web is always on no matter hour; it has no days off, holidays; it knows no rest. This artificial ‘reality’, made by humans for humans, represents a philosophy of the non-stop existence rather brightly. It impacts our minds, behaviour & habits. It makes us addicted to the fact that there we’re the rulers of Time, for we can satisfy our various needs any moment we wish.

This artificial attitude to Time, created to please our own ego, will play a bad joke with humanity sooner or later, because it destroys our personal bio rhythms & erases feelings of the natural cycles. Too many of us pay no more attention to the dawn or to the sunset, to Moon’s phases, etc. We are indifferent to rain and snow outside…just because the Internet has its comfort zone that seems to be the best & the most perfect for us. May be it’s another reason why we waste our Time so carelessly. No generation before the web appearing overdid it so much.

We must be careful of our Time. We must take care of it before we have dissolved ourselves in a dreadful inability to answer the question: ‘What time is it in reality?’

Maria KethuProfumo

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Eternamenta News/Eternamenta Notizie


Carissimi Lettori,

ho lanciato una sezione nuova ‘Città di Vita’ (nel menu del sito). Là io pubblicherò l’elenco dei miei articoli che pubblica questa bella rivista. Sarei felicissima di sapere le vostre opinioni. Voi potete passare sul sito clicando il logo.

PS: Città di Vita – una rivista bimestrale famosissimo di religione, arte & scienza. 


Esteemed Readers,

I’ve launched a new section Città di Vita (see the site menu). There I will publish the list of my articles published in that wonderful magazine. I would be happy to learn your opinions too. You can pass to the site by clicking the banner. The English version is available too.

PS: Città di Vita is a famous Italian bi-month magazine about religion, art & science.

magazine site: http://www.cittadivita.it

my link: https://eternamenta.wordpress.com/citta-di-vita/

Maria KethuProfumo

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Boost of Energy 2018

Esteemed Readers,

we all believe that 2018 will be better than 2017. And it will certainly come true. I would like to share with you one of my favourite videos that always gives me a boost of energy & raise my spirit :-). I hope it will also encourage you to make more great deeds & reach new tops.

Translation of the song:

  • Today is a new day of a new time, that has already begun.
  • May these days bring you smiles & love.
  • All our dreams will come true as the future has already begun.
  • Today is your feast. Today is our feast.
  • And it is of those who we love & who have come to see us.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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Orthodox Christmas

Being a part of the Orthodox world I would like to tell you, Esteemed Readers, about one of our main tradition, that’s Christmas we celebrate on the 7th of January. They say that this difference appeared due to various calendars the Orthodox & the Catholics use. However I heard another point of view: it was the 7th January when news about Christ’s birth reached the Orthodox lands & it became the celebration afterwards. Not all the Orthodox churches, though, follow this tradition. The Greeks, for example, celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December.

The Orthodox culture perceives Christmas in its own way: it is regarded as a mysterious time when Christians reconcile with God. It also means Christ’s future Atonement. Before the celebration there is a severe 40 days Lent. Christmas Eve has an interesting interpretation too: it’s believed that that very night all Good & Evil that exist inside of us come out & the force that is leading our Soul brings us either to celebrate the rebirth of Light or the Feast of Evil. The traditional folklore is full of stories telling about men’s fight against evil spirits that very night. I must admit that most of them are really spooky.

On Christmas Eve sochivo, a traditional meal made from boiled wheat or rice with honey is cooked. People avoid other kind of food until the midnight, when it’s believed that the Bethlehem star appears in the sky. Churches arrange glorious liturgies lasting until the 19th of January, that is the Orthodox Epiphany. This period is called ‘Svyatki‘. It’s time when traditionally people make visits, help the poor, sing Christmas Carols & tell fortune. The last tradition is very popular even at present. Telling fortunes by wax is the most common way to learn what the new year prepares for us. Amazingly, it always comes true. The process is very simple: you prepare a bowl with cold water, light a candle, – the church one would be the best, – make a wish or ask a question and then drop melting wax into the bowl. Images you will see are answers. We usually use a dream book to read their meanings.

No matter what tradition you belong to, Esteemed Readers, Merry Christmas! And I hope the waxing will tell you only good things!

Maria KethuProfumo

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Simple Bloggers Doing Great Deeds: Don Massenzio

A New Year should start with something new, so I guess it will be great to speak about simple Blogosapiens that inhabit WordPress and do a world of good to our human reality. Many of you will agree that Don Massenzio has the total right to be the first named person in this list.

His blog & concept of helping to unknown writers amazes. Being a writer himself, Don finds time & means to deal with others, to help with a good word & precious advice, to promote strangers in his own blog. And his approach is so unique. He is always looking forward for new techniques & methods to make his activity useful for new authors & entertaining at the same time. Don is a very responsible & sympathetic person, who respects his audience & any Indie writers addressing him. It displays the true grandeur of his Soul & serves a good example for us. Indeed, only compassion to others can change the life to the better, can leave a true glorious memory of us among people. As well Don’s attitude teaches us that the hi-tech reality is not an obstacle to do a great human deed. On the contrary, it opens a lot of opportunities and all what we must do is just to have a desire to use them helping others.

I’m very happy to have got acquainted with Don & to have him among my Esteemed Audience. He is a real Robin Hood, caring so much about his neighbours no matter in what part of the world they stay. I think that Don is really blessed with Robin’s immortal spirit and all of us who work with him are so lucky! He is a true noble man, one of those Chevaliers who still kill dragons no matter the technical progress. The world can sleep quietly. Don Massenzion & Frank Rozzani are on guard.

The link to Don’s blog & site:



Maria KethuProfumo

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Homage to Saturn & Happy New Year!

Another calendar cycle is almost over. So, let’s honour Saturn, god of Time, for all the best & the worst 2017 has given to us, for all the difficulties, restrictions, unbearable situations he has placed us into, because they form our personality & Destiny. This year change of Times accompanies with a historical Saturn transit into Capricorn, that’s the planet’s very home. Let’s hope that in 2018 God Saturn will reward us our patience & obedience in front of the reverses of Fortune. New Year, come in! We are looking forward to getting the gifts that Saturn has prepared for us under a magic tree of Time.

Happy New Year & Happy New Blogging, Esteemed Readers-Followers-Friends & Distinguished Blogosapiens of Our Times! May 2018 be a year of peace spiced with numerous unpredictable happy events! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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