Sigismund – a Hero of Lettuce Fields

Esteemed Readers, be very careful & very attentive when you unseal a pack of fresh salad mix…Because you might discover there something or better to say somebody. And this creature might be alive! That’s how I got acquainted with Sigismund, an unexpected pet in my life.

It was late winter when another pack of salad mix appeared in the fridge. So I unsealed it, put some on the plate. The verdure was extremely fresh and bright. It created very spring mood. I seasoned it, add some oil, prepared to taste the most delicious mix of all the times and suddenly the fork met with something hard. I removed lettuce pieces and saw it! It was a snail shell. It made a very pitiful impression for it was all cracked, smashed in some parts. When my amusement had been over, I paid attention that the shell was not empty. There was somebody inside. And he was still alive! Having realized it, I took the snail out of the plate and put him in a big pot with our hibiscus flower. Rather soon the being showed itself: it was a real snail, alive and rather curious I must admit. I talked with it a bit and it seemed to me it was even pleased. And though I’m not a specialist in snail gender, I called it Sigismund.

A pet turned out to be very active. Within few days he got used to me and crawled actively around the pot at my presence. I started watching his behaviour and learned so many amazing things about the snail life:

  • Snails are not slow! On the contrary they move rather fast.
  • Snails are curious: Sigismund liked to discover new places, that’s why it was a problem to find him. He could hide in a very unexpected place around the kitchen.
  • Snails like the sun, but they are very active at night.
  • Snails adore cucumbers and other water vegetables.
  • Snails restore cracks in their shells by means of their own saliva. In the same way they increase the size of their shell.

By summer Sigismund got recovered. His shell was in a perfect condition and he himself was rather happy and bold to meet friends in the wild. We brought him in the country where, as I hope, he met a beautiful she-snail and made his own family. I remember him as a real hero, for only God knows what he has passed through in the lettuce fields and during terrible expectation in the sealed pack of salad mix.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Bates Method – Effective Way For Sight Improving

Esteemed Readers, I wonder how many of you have heard of William Bates, a talented American ophthalmologist who has developed a wonderful system of eye exercises to improve the sight. Doctor Bates considered that one of the main problems of bad sight was tension caused by various conditions. He was very negative to glasses for they stopped normal eye activity, thus made eyesight worse.

Exercises he offers in his book are very simple & very effective, though in the very beginning one might face discomfort, eye pain, excessive tearing. The eyes seem to resist its natural functioning destroyed by glasses or lenses wearing. Within a couple of months all negative sides will pass and here the most interesting will start: eyes will get less fatigue, tension will disappear, there will be first signs of real sight improvement.

I have been practicing Bates Method for several years & confess that it has changed my eyes to the better. As well it’s given me an opportunity to work more effectively in those fields that demand big eye tension. I can’t say that making the exercises you will get rid of glasses for ever, but they will certainly do you a world of good.

Editions of Doctor William Bates’s book are named: Perfect Sight Without Glasses or Better Sight Without Glasses

The Wikipedia link about the Method:

And I wish you better sight from all point of view & on any occasion! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Fear: Hidden Menace Inside Us

This emotion reigns the present world. Its power is enormous, unlimited, burning the core of Good & seeding Evil all around. It awakes destructive hidden animal instincts inside that lead humanity to a wrong path. Fear makes us weak, once felt it lowers the strength of our Spirit as well as it blurs our Mind.

Fear is a reason of a ceaselessly growing ego. It’s the root of fatal mistakes, hate, anger. All together they become a powerful monster tearing apart our own Soul. Fear makes us feel uncertain & afraid of the future. Though not the future itself, but its distorted image created by our mind. If we allow it to rule us sooner or later it brings to madness.

As well this emotion is a wonderful instrument to keep human consciousness under a constant control & to pollute it with an idea that there is a great danger here and there, while a human being is too little, too insignificant to manage with the situation. That’s all is fake! The true enemy is inside us & it’s possible to deal with it. Moreover we’re strong enough to protect ourselves from the information poison attacking our mind. Fear is just a strong delusion that never leads to good. While courage is a quality that vanquishes everything & releases us from a prison of the own imaginary world.

Maria KethuProfumo


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Sphinx Asks Riddles

Esteemed Readers,

I hope you will agree with the fact that riddles do us a world of good: they strengthen the memory, improve erudition & widen  imagination. I offer you a curious 17th century riddle. Try to guess what it is about.

  • On the rope of a Well two
  • Buckets are hung,
  • They are its Neighbours who play jokes.
  • The empty Bucket is the poor, & the
  • full one is the rich.
  • For everybody they both are full of abundance
  • & mingle with society
  • To the Buckets of the Chancellery,
  • Because of lucky destiny
  • The same name is given ;
  • But those of the Menagerie
  • In the depths of a Well seem
  • To play jokes,
  • And they are never pull off,
  • Only strong streams of water bother them, &
  • They’re their weeping.
  • Without making any sinking, they plunge
  • Into the Wells.
  • They have no legs, no arms, no head,
  • And in the Well mostly of the Hôtel where I’m,
  • As soon as one Neighbour has done,
  • The other one must draw afterwards.

Looking forward to Your answers below! 🙂 Good luck!

Maria KethuProfumo


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Blogging: Once We All Become Alike Dinosaurs

Blogging is an extraordinary phenomenon in many ways: hi-tech, linguistic, cultural, even historical that influences the present of our world. It’s a hidden power born by Hydra Internet. It’s origin & sense are very complicated, for blogging is interactive, visual, but it can’t be touched or smelled. It’s lack of physical temperature & it has no material body. It’s something surreal but very vigorous, vivid & amazingly alive.

Linguistically & culturally blogging might be represented as a kind of creative exhibitionism, for a blogger opens his internal rich universe in front of total strangers. All what we publish in our blogs (photos, meditations, music, videos) are things of high importance for us & we wish to share them with other, hoping they will become a part of their unique universe too. All what appears on our pages worries us, reveals ourselves & let others learn so much new about rich human nature. Blogging allows us being more liberal in self-expressing for its surreal form erases bounds that make obstacles to do the same in our reality. The last one demands something exact, a shape filled with words, visions, sounds, fragrances and not each of us is able to be a creator in the material world. Thus, blogging has opened a new page for those shy souls who have sought for self-expression & couldn’t reach it due to absence of necessary conditions.

From a historical point of view blogging is priceless. Imagine, the same moment thousands posts are born & die all over the world. Each of them is unique, expresses all possible emotions we might find on Earth and passes to others its energetic boost. A post is not just an opinion. It’s a human reflection upon the Present, the Past & the Future. We all open our Souls to speak with the world around, to share its joys & sorrows, to support it, to strengthen the hope that is always with us.

We write, we post, we share without thinking that one day all this will become history indeed. Blogging will enter into a new stage of its natural evolution, while we, its first active participants, will become alike dinosaurs. Our Descendants will admire & fear us, first pioneers of such an unusual & dangerous activity. They will write books about first bloggers, make scientific researches trying to guess out who we were, why we did it & what was the final result of all that. I hope, they would be glad to discover that bloggers -dinosaurs fulfilled their duty with honour, common sense & a burning heart.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Homage to the Lord of the Rings

Epic stories always have epic diamonds of wisdom that help to elevate our Spirit. Their profoundness lights the mind, their loftiness reminds us that Honour, Dignity & Valour vanquish anything. Aragorn’s Prophecy is one of these masterpieces:

All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king.

Maria KethuProfumo

PS: Online source of the poem: The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Rings, Wikipedia

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Scented Magic of a Moment

All what we get is a moment, that’s a fragile instant between after & before. It’s mysterious, almost impossible to catch personification of Present. All our life is threading of moments. They are our pearls & sooner or later enter into the chain of our personal time. We appreciate these gems of existence, doing all our best to resurrect them by all means. However becoming our past, the moments-pearl undergo changes. That’s the mystery of our live: we experience a moment that may last only for some minutes and when we recall it in our memory, it’s always a story with its logical beginning & end, full of extraordinary details.

There are various hints to resurrect a moment: a vision, a sound, a word, a colour, a taste, but only the one is strongest & most bewitched: scent it is. The nature of fragrance is enigmatic itself. The world is full of aromas & whenever we re-experience them we bring back various events of our life in most brightest way. Fragrance has an enormous power upon living creatures. And since perfumery has been invented each of us is an alchemist of Present. It’s just enough to open a bottle & apply a drop or spray some charming liquid and voilà the machine of time has moved us to our past….or even to our future if the fragrance is prepared for an instance to come.

All regarding scents is extraordinary: a moment of purchasing, a moment of opening, a moment of applying and undoubtedly the part they play in an event they’re prepared for. I believe there are special fragrances, almost of Divine nature both by their formula & duration as well as there are ordinary ones, light & weak but still able to add a touch of elegance in our daily routine. In any case a fragrance is a travel though Time. In any case it is a real history created by ourselves.

Maria KethuProfumo

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