Old Mirrors: Windows with Forgotten Views

Old mirrors are full of mysteries. They reign in great halls & galleries, reflecting faded beauty of the old days. They have seen all the shades of human nature, glory & misery, wisdom & foolishness of mankind. And praised be craftsmen who have made them: perhaps, they could hardly imagined that their works would last over centuries and would be so lucky to become famous & very wise.

These gorgeous glasses, absorbed layers of real Time, always keep the air of their original view. No matter how many years have passed, no matter if they have never been moved, this first cheerful meeting with the world might be easily read in their reflections. They are tunnels connecting us with alive History, for there are so many ones interested to look in a mirror and we face their shades constantly whenever we are in front. The feeling of uneasiness mixed with curiosity fills the heart. Why won’t the mirror  tell about them? What if  once I had been among this crowd.. for there are so many lives we pass on Earth! Who knows where I’ve left my footprints…And what is it: to see your own reflection through Time, to meet with yourself many centuries after? Does it mean to resurrect a particle of your own History or to run our personal Time in a new direction?

Sometimes the old mirrors are covered with a black veil. As if they wish to hide something from us. As if they want to save a bit of the forgotten view only for themselves. We should respect their choice and if we’re eager to learn at least the essence of their secret, we could reconstruct the picture ourselves.

Old mirrors…I guess there is something similar in other Universes & dimensions. Our Creator must have made a lot of them & enjoys watching us. I wonder, what appeared first: the world or a mirror reflecting it?

Maria KethuProfumo

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Memories of The Tree

My tree, I cry for you! For you’re a true mute witness of Time. I admire with your stature that seems to touch Heaven, with your strong branches and leaves History of the world written on. Your glorious shadow contains so many secrets of the Far Past and the Rapidly Vanishing Present that I wish I could stay under it for ever to learn, to realize and to bear in my memory some wisdom. Your roots are so deep that they seem to penetrate into the essence of Earth, somewhere so deep where Eternity and a Day are still together. Whenever we meet you look at me solemnly, inviting to a particular dialogue. As if you wish to reveal me some memories that you mutely bear in your heart. You’re an ancient tree, so I’m certain you have a lot to tell. You know so much about simple things that really make our existence. You whisper something passionately though rustling created by blows of careless wind. You want to communicate and I do my best to learn your language to be able to join this wonderful dialogue of the most precious participant of all the times. My tree. I wonder, why have you suddenly become mine…Whose was this idea: yours or my own? And whether it’s possible if a tree, so ancient and wise, might have a human being as an owner or even a friend. All what I know is that you exist and know the truth. And you protect me no matter how far I might be. And the most exiting is that I’m among your memories too, somewhere in your radiant Soul, covered with a majestic green crown.

Dedicated to my tree. 🙂 

Maria KethuProfumo

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Our Fairy Tale Hero On Guard

I wonder who was that cruel man dared to add a weird prefix ‘Fairy’ to such a rich heritage as folklore tales. These stories are far more than encyclopedias of human experience. They reflect the mentality of each nation as well as they teach the right cultural values. In any case, in the 20th century we get into contact with various magic creatures & heroes at early age, when we’re still unable to realize the tale depth & its meaning. Its heroes are usually fed with our own imagination, so at the result we get a very curious phenomenon: a piece of our own personality transformed & represented as a fairy tale hero. As a rule, we’re attracted with somebody good, strong, brave, wise, etc., these are true Spiritual values we, men, must cultivate into. A rare one would enjoy those who do some evil and it proves that our Souls are pure when we’re born & we have a kind of Spiritual immunity until the certain age.

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that in most cases there is only one favourite hero or a set of ones with similar features? We are attracted by a character with qualities that awake something important in our Soul. This very hero makes us become what we’re. Moreover he is always with us no matter our age. I’ve made my own experiment by questioning various adult people as well as my friends & relatives about their fairy tale heroes. I was very surprised to learn that almost all of them saved its image in their hearts and tried to make it true in their own life. I guess it’s good that great heroes & stories of the past inspire us so much that when we become mature we try to be alike. It means that tales are always on guard protecting humankind from falling.

Nevertheless, why are there bad people or people doing evil? May be they have simply forgotten their favourite hero or left him in a place he can’t return from…

Maria KethuProfumo


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Simple People Doing Great Deeds: Shuka Vana

There is so much kindness and light in our world. There are so many sources of inspiration & opportunities for each of us to perform simple good deeds everyday. And there are so many people_ who devote themselves to their destiny, proving that that’s the right way. Most of them are unknown, they come into this world & then vanish, while their great simple deeds are kept alive through Time.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji is a brilliant illustrious man whose activities can’t but surprise. He was born in India in 1942 and since childhood he had a strong spiritual connection with nature, especially with animals. “He is occupied withRaagaragini Vidya, an ancient musical tradition that is claimed to augment spiritual Sadhana and cure ailments.” His combines this activity with ayurveda, psycology, gem theraphy & astrology. He has developed some interesting music CDs for each Zodiac sign that are called to cure & restore our mental balance.

In 2014 he opens an aviary named Shuka Vana that’ s a hospital for sick and injured parrots & birds. This center is something completely incredible for it provides any kind of help for any parrot or bird in need. Sri Swamiji is an amazing man. He cures birds even from very serious diseases and leaves none of those that have lost any extremity. Imagine, what chances to live might a limb parrot have in the wild? Sure, few ones. Shuka Vana gives the second life to ill or injured parrots & birds. I attach a small video below for you, Esteemed Readers, could value the great contribution this simple man makes to save our planet. May his example inspire you too and remind us that we must follow the way of our own Destiny & develop our own talents for the good of all.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Good Stories Never End

Everything appears from Nothing. Light comes from Darkness. Death transforms into Life. Lies are reasons of Truth.War sows Peace. Despair is followed by Hope. Ugliness produces Beauty. Grief leads to Happiness. Ignorance is prosperity of Wisdom. Loneliness gives us friends & family. Sadness bears Joy. Spring blossom always begins after chilly frosty winters. So it was. And so it will be for ever, because good stories never end.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Sacred Meaning of a Doll

Dolls are sacred. Ancient societies made their numerous gods like ones & worshiped them, thus they kept the magic connection that a doll created between a man & the Divine.

A doll is a very special toy. In fact it’s far more than a toy, it’s our first key to understanding what we’re & in what way we differ from the rest creatures of the world. When a child gets a doll, he encounters with himself. And this impression, mostly forgotten by us, forms our perception of the family & the human reality we live in.

First the doll helps us to comprehend our anatomy, then to learn about gender distinction as well as the model of a family and finally to develop our personality. It’s important that first dolls should be made of fabric & have no face. The doll’s mission at the early age is to give us the right impression of a human being and to develop our imagination. From 3 years old & up when the child starts learning the world around, baby dolls are perfect. By the way, they say that even boys must play with the dolls. It helps to develop their personality better. From 6 years old & up any kind of dolls with complicated clothes, utensils, their own house are recommended. So, following these easy steps a child will grow up a harmoniously developed person.

Well…in case if the doll is positive, he will certainly will. In our age of countless perils, we should be extra careful. Not each doll fits for a child & contributes to form the right attitude to the world. Without saying best dolls are those that are made of natural materials (wood, fabric, with porcelain parts). Natural materials are warm and they pass their warm energy to the child. Plastic has its advantages too & there are a lot of beautiful dolls made from, but it doesn’t create a similar energy exchange. A good doll must look like a girl or a boy & by no means have any evident signs of sexuality or remind of a monster.

Here it’s time to mention Barbie. Honestly as many of that mainstream Barbie generations, I’ve never thought that playing with Barbie might hurt. Recent studies provide rather curious & sad information about a negative impact of that doll. Here are some key points: Barbie distorts the right perception of the body. Barbie forms deep psychological complexes. In fact it’s impossible to play with her. Barbie world exists to fulfil the wishes of the doll.  She learns you to be a good service staff. She has evident signs of sexuality that has a negative influence on the child too. Besides if you read her story, you would hardly have a wish to give it to your daughter.

Another menace of our time are dolls monsters Monster High, Bratz, dolls-cats, etc. Whenever I see these creatures in a toyshop, I shiver, for I can’t imagine what will become of a girl playing with all these treasures! What a deep psychological trauma she might have in the future if her dolls are monsters & sleep in coffins! Besides all these creatures are vulgar & deprive the girl of the right perception of feminity. The world still needs real women, so we, adults, should avoid similar toy extremes.

With age dolls become our friends. They keep our most precious secrets, Perhaps, they even know us better than we think. And their sacred meaning is growing. Whenever we hold them, the past becomes alive again. We see it in fresh colours through the doll, a great guardian of Time.

Do you still keep your old dolls? I would be curious to learn of them. 🙂

PS. On the photo: Pandora, the 18th century wooden dolls. 

Maria KethuProfumo

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Toys As the Model of the World

The role of toys in our life is considerable. They are far more than objects. They’re instruments helping us to learn what we’re and to build a connection with the world. Any human life starts from a toy and our personal development depends much on what spirit it gives us. The toy creates a very powerful basis for anyone, so a positive one protects us from Evil since the first days of our life.  No one will grow up violent or aggressive if he has spent his childhood playing in peaceful games & with toys that has been a true mirror of Good. Some of us keep our toys for many years or even for the whole life & I think that it’s another evidence of their sacral nature, for we could hardly remember how they came into our life, what exactly we did with them, while the warmth of their soul, (believe me any toy has it), stays with us for ever.

Traditionally we could divide toys into several groups: dolls, animals, vehicles, objects of everyday life & attributes of the epoch (weapons, etc. linked with the present period people live in. For example, mobiles for our hi-tech children might become ones, while for children of the past they might have been bows, shields, swords). Our hi-tech epoch seduces with all possible forms of childish “gadgets”: brightly coloured, perfectly shaped, made of safe easily washed materials. However…any toys of the kind are dead ones, for plastic & synthetic are artificial substances. These toys might seem attractive, but they will never give the child the warmth & the power that ones with the organic base have. Besides, they are intended to break our connection with nature & the world around. Why? They leave no space for imagination.

All the generations of our ancestors had their toys too. They were rather simple, but very educative & developed childish fantasy rather well. Let’s examine the most essential ones:

Sticks. We may be surprised, nevertheless a simple stick represents a toy with infinitive variants of playing: a sword, a staff, a scroll with enchanted letters, a clock, a spade, etc.

Straw or clay animals. These kinds of toys are amazing not only due to materials they are made from, both straw & clay pass the warmth of Earth and their own shape opens an unexpected  fantasy world.

Any objects found in the wild: They are stones, leaves, snags, cones, shells, etc. All of them could be transformed in anything the child wanted. These examples are the most powerful ones, for they learned to respect the world around and to be grateful to it for all the precious gifts it gave.

A child grown up playing with objects of the kind has a completely different perception of the world. He understands that he is a part of this wonderful planet, he respects it & won’t let it be hurt or abused. As well when he is grown up, all the toys given by nature, return to it without needing any recycling. Good things are always simple. Keep your kids away of the plastic empire, for it’s will be their task to protect the Earth sooner or later.

Maria KethuProfumo



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