Blogging: Once We All Become Alike Dinosaurs

Blogging is an extraordinary phenomenon in many ways: hi-tech, linguistic, cultural, even historical that influences the present of our world. It’s a hidden power born by Hydra Internet. It’s origin & sense are very complicated, for blogging is interactive, visual, but it can’t be touched or smelled. It’s lack of physical temperature & it has no material body. It’s something surreal but very vigorous, vivid & amazingly alive.

Linguistically & culturally blogging might be represented as a kind of creative exhibitionism, for a blogger opens his internal rich universe in front of total strangers. All what we publish in our blogs (photos, meditations, music, videos) are things of high importance for us & we wish to share them with other, hoping they will become a part of their unique universe too. All what appears on our pages worries us, reveals ourselves & let others learn so much new about rich human nature. Blogging allows us being more liberal in self-expressing for its surreal form erases bounds that make obstacles to do the same in our reality. The last one demands something exact, a shape filled with words, visions, sounds, fragrances and not each of us is able to be a creator in the material world. Thus, blogging has opened a new page for those shy souls who have sought for self-expression & couldn’t reach it due to absence of necessary conditions.

From a historical point of view blogging is priceless. Imagine, the same moment thousands posts are born & die all over the world. Each of them is unique, expresses all possible emotions we might find on Earth and passes to others its energetic boost. A post is not just an opinion. It’s a human reflection upon the Present, the Past & the Future. We all open our Souls to speak with the world around, to share its joys & sorrows, to support it, to strengthen the hope that is always with us.

We write, we post, we share without thinking that one day all this will become history indeed. Blogging will enter into a new stage of its natural evolution, while we, its first active participants, will become alike dinosaurs. Our Descendants will admire & fear us, first pioneers of such an unusual & dangerous activity. They will write books about first bloggers, make scientific researches trying to guess out who we were, why we did it & what was the final result of all that. I hope, they would be glad to discover that bloggers -dinosaurs fulfilled their duty with honour, common sense & a burning heart.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Homage to the Lord of the Rings

Epic stories always have epic diamonds of wisdom that help to elevate our Spirit. Their profoundness lights the mind, their loftiness reminds us that Honour, Dignity & Valour vanquish anything. Aragorn’s Prophecy is one of these masterpieces:

All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king.

Maria KethuProfumo

PS: Online source of the poem: The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Rings, Wikipedia

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Scented Magic of a Moment

All what we get is a moment, that’s a fragile instant between after & before. It’s mysterious, almost impossible to catch personification of Present. All our life is threading of moments. They are our pearls & sooner or later enter into the chain of our personal time. We appreciate these gems of existence, doing all our best to resurrect them by all means. However becoming our past, the moments-pearl undergo changes. That’s the mystery of our live: we experience a moment that may last only for some minutes and when we recall it in our memory, it’s always a story with its logical beginning & end, full of extraordinary details.

There are various hints to resurrect a moment: a vision, a sound, a word, a colour, a taste, but only the one is strongest & most bewitched: scent it is. The nature of fragrance is enigmatic itself. The world is full of aromas & whenever we re-experience them we bring back various events of our life in most brightest way. Fragrance has an enormous power upon living creatures. And since perfumery has been invented each of us is an alchemist of Present. It’s just enough to open a bottle & apply a drop or spray some charming liquid and voilà the machine of time has moved us to our past….or even to our future if the fragrance is prepared for an instance to come.

All regarding scents is extraordinary: a moment of purchasing, a moment of opening, a moment of applying and undoubtedly the part they play in an event they’re prepared for. I believe there are special fragrances, almost of Divine nature both by their formula & duration as well as there are ordinary ones, light & weak but still able to add a touch of elegance in our daily routine. In any case a fragrance is a travel though Time. In any case it is a real history created by ourselves.

Maria KethuProfumo

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My Hungarian Passion: A Bajadér by Imre Kalman

Esteemed Readers,

to write a post we all need some kind of inspiration. We derive it from various sources. I offer you one of them, that’s a completely extraordinary & amazing performance of Imre Kalman‘s operetta named ‘A Bajadér’.  It’s in Magyar, so I attach the plot description below. I consider this version is the best one, as only true Hungarian passion & respect to this great composer pass  the full sense of this wonderful piece of art.

Enjoy it!


Libretto (English):

Libretto (Italiano):

Imre Kalman‘s biography:álmán

Maria KethuProfumo

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Love Should Remain Courtois

Love is a gift of God. It’s far more complicated & elevated condition than we believe in, connected but not obsessed to the material world. Antoine de Furetiére in his famous Dictionaire (1690) asserts: “LOVE is passion of a soul that makes us love somebody or something. The Divine love must inflame us…” His wonderful definition makes ponder upon responsibility we take any time we fall in love, as we prepare ourselves to share with the one we’ve chosen a piece of Divine. And every time we say: ‘I love you’ this phrase should pass the radiance & joy of our heart. Any egoistic or materialistic idea hidden behind destroys the sense of love, deprives us of Divine & a chance to cultivate the true feeling.

In the Medieval time a literary conception of ‘courtly love’ was very widespread in Europe. Nobles, chevaliers & troubadours declared themselves the vassals of the lady, served & praised her in their poems, songs etc. Such a worship of a woman put  Divine elevation in its full sense on the first place, followed by a chance of a possible material pleasure.

There were some stages of ‘courtly love’:

  • Attraction to the lady, usually via eyes/glance
  • Worship of the lady from afar
  • Declaration of passionate devotion
  • Virtuous rejection by the lady
  • Renewed wooing with oaths of virtue and eternal fealty
  • Moans of approaching death from unsatisfied desire
  • Heroic deeds of valor which win the lady’s heart
  • Consummation of the secret love
  • Endless adventures and subterfuges avoiding detection

As we see they kept a man rather busy & added to the relationship an air of a special charm. If take into account the fact that ‘courtly love’ often meant platonic feeling, so uncommon to us in our hi-tech society, a woman should have felt a woman in the full sense of this word, and this amazing feeling of respect the knight of her heart gave to her spread the Divine Light of pure Love, so healing, joyful & wise.

That’s great that history keeps so many recordings that can save humanity from darkness & ignorance. There are so many wonderful pieces of troubadours’ art left! And they still excite hearts, for they pass us this purity & divinity of such a wonderful feeling that rules the world no matter epoch & time. And we, their descendants, have a chance to use all this heritage, transforming it under our hi-tech reality. Exactly as Bossa Nova creators (Joao Gilbeto, Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes) did to praise the tender essence of a woman every day, anywhere, on any occasion. Love should remain courtois.  Then all its elevated vibrations, words, sighs will fill our Universe with the most wonderful music, music of Divine…

Maria KethuProfumo

  • Dictionaire par feu Messire Antoine de Furetiére (1690), Vol. I, p. 102.
  • Material for “stages of courtly love” – Wikipedia.
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Feast is a True Sense of Joy

What is a feast? It’s happiness, joy, pleasure. More feasts we experience, more emotions we get…and more we want to have them again & again. Any celebration reminds a good drug, even funerals are not exception.

Our hi-tech civilization adore feasts. It creates them even from air. If we read a common calendar we would be surprised to learn how many ‘important’ events we miss to celebrate. As well we’re stimulated to feast any kind of personal events to feel normal members of our society. It’s certainly great to enjoy oneself at somebody’s birthday, graduation party, marriage, even funerals…However there is one moment we must pay attention to: any feast means expenses. More they’re, better it’s considered to be. This circumstance makes upset, for what should people do if they’re short of money? Should they deprive themselves of a chance to feel happiness, joy, pleasure & on what grounds, if we all have Divine rights on these feelings?

Modern feasts mean gifts as well. The present industry holds us tight, imposing  any kind of objects possible & the idea that the best gift must be expensive, rare, precious or at least of a good brand. As well they must follow a trend. Sad, isn’t it? Hi-tech civilization calls us to forget all hand-made, simple & really coming from Soul to make a good turnover on articles that bear no human warmth, Spiritual sense, vital energy. Trendy manufactured objects are only objects, they add us no wisdom, no beauty, no joy.

Anyway, now let’s see what is an ordinary celebration: rather old, mature & seems to be intelligent people gather together, they eat, they drink, they dance, they sing, they praise the one who has paid all that den.Sometimes it comes to blows. Then amnesia begins & headache due to hangover. It’s so odd that  glorious feast opening leads to such a disastrous ending! And the questions raises: what is the sense of that celebration? Where are feelings of happiness & joy that must be? Or perhaps we mix them it with a simple wish to satisfy our natural instincts?

For the feast means simply a true sense of pure joy we feel any moment we do something good to our world. Any good thought & a deed give rise to it in the very bosom. It’s irrelevant to material values & it gives us a chance to learn to enjoy simple, but true things around. And then this joy moves to others. When we notice that we experience an extraordinary flight of Soul. And that very instance happiness is born…

Maria KethuProfumo



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April Joy

Esteemed Readers,

The 1st of April always remind us that laugh prolongs life. Here are some jokes to celebrate the true beginning of spring:

A man, whose mother-in-law died, comes to a funeral home.

-Would you like to bury her, to cremate or to embalm? – The agency director asks.

– All together. Better not to risk.


Father tells his children:

– Once during a safari I killed 15 antelopes.

– But, father, – his son says, – last year you told that you did 12…

– Last year, – Father objects seriously, – you were too little to learn the whole truth…


A doctor, an architect & a politician dispute whose profession is more honoured & ancient.

The doctor says:

– Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Certainly, it was a surgery.

The architect:

– It is indeed. But earlier Order was created from Chaos.

The politician:

– Very well. And who has created the Chaos?


Pierino looks through an old photo album and suddenly asks his mother:

– Who is that handsome signore next to you?

– Your father he is!

– Hm…Then who is that stout and bold man living with us?


A zoo keeper writes to his director: ‘Our chimpanzee has died. Should we buy a new one or wait until your return?’


Two burglars burst into a psychic’s office & demand:

– Hang over the cash!

– God Lord! – the woman wonders. – I expected you to come only the next morning…


An astonished man tells to his friend:

– Marco, you can’t imagine what a misfortune has happened with a poor Paolo?

– What is it?

– He has escaped with my wife.


-Why are there more women than men?

– Because the nature is wise.


Maria KethuProfumo


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