Simple People Doing Great Deeds II: Elephant Orphanage by Daphne Sheldrick

I learned about this amazing place thanks to my budgie Gregory, who never missed a chance to watch programs, cartoons & movies about elephants. I guess he has considered elephants there to have been his blue friend Peter’s family. 🙂 So, once a set of programs about an elephant orphanage, located in Nairobi, was broadcasted. It gave me a chance to know so much interesting about elephant’s life & to realize how much it was important to protect these majestic animals.

The place is named after David Sheldrick, a famous naturalist & a warden of Tsavo East National Park. It’s directed by his wife, Daphne, & one of its main tasks is saving cubs, became orphans. They search for baby elephants & rhinos around the area, bring them to the orphanage, provide necessary medical aid. Then cubs are cared until they become adult enough to be back into the wild. The orphanage has a very smart management: any new baby is given time to get used to the environment. It has his own baby sitter :-), if I may say so, who is always on guard & never leaves the one who is under his charge. Baby animals life is arranged in such a wonderful way that elephants & rhinos grow up in a very friendly atmosphere without losing contact with the wild. And in spite of the fact that they have experiences terrible misfortunes, many manage to recover completely & to build a normal life in the wild.

The project has already saved not one generation of elephants & rhinos and there are more to come. It’s really a pleasure to know that there are people who do care of the wild nature, who love & respect elephants & rhinos, these big & so unprotected animals, killed mostly for fun. Daphna Sheldrick is a great woman. She has managed to find a way how to build warm-hearted relationships with elephants & rhinos, proving them that humans are able to make a world of good too. She has created her own universe where orphans cubs are fully respected, protected and have all to grow up happy elephants & rhinos. This awesome example of human compassion should teach us a lesson for our own human universe as well.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

Maria KethuProfumo

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Sphinx Asks Riddles II

Esteemed Readers,

I offer you another 17th century riddle. At the end of the post I finally publish the right answer to the previous Sphinx’s riddle. Good luck!

  • In Kings’ palace where luxury reigns any feast & game of the Court
  • I may see beauties that burn love.
  • The greatest give me place & everybody demands me.
  • I’m elevated above all & my glory is so huge
  • That I give shelter to immortal Gods.
  • I’m guided with pomp day & night
  • And I often shoe victims & givings.
  • My soul is fire that devours my body 
  • Which may suffer gruesome efforts. 
  • My weeps & my life pass together with me.
  • Oh, Human Race that reigns my force,
  • Is it necessary to perish to serve you?
  • If the payment for my labour
  • Should be only my death? 


REPLY to the riddle posted on June 3, 2017: A BUCKET.  My congratulations to Rosaliene Bacchus. She has guessed it out! 😉 😉 😉

Maria KethuProfumo

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To Silent Blog Followers

‘Here lies the follower who’ll never read this post. He is here forever dead’. *

When all the pleasures & joys of first long-expected followers are over, when blogging becomes a part of daily routine, sometimes even boring to death, you start realizing that it has its own dark & secret sides too. A thought to start a blog, to become famous all over the world is so seducing for many of us. Reality teaches that it’s a hard work & reward is often less than we expect… If we ever may expect anything of the kind from such an Uranic activity as blogging.

So, we are all happy with our followers. They make us feel a kind of a pride for what we’ve written. Sooner or later they become our friends, even our family. And that’s a really wonderful opportunity blogging gives to each of us. However, there are plenty of silent visitors who subscribe & vanish somewhere in a blogging space. As usual, once & for all. I wonder who are they? What are their intention to join the blogging space and what are their reasons not to go on the dialogue? What sign do silent bloggers bring with them? Or, maybe, they subscribe to pay me an old karmic debt? And the biggest question is: why myself I don’t visit all those wonderful people I’ve subscribed to? Does it mean that karmic laws work in hyper space in the same manner they do in reality? If so, then, may be, our silent followers can be regarded as pilgrims from other dimensions, whose main duty is to maintain the balance of blogging universe with silence?

*Paraphrasing my favourite author Milorad Pavic. The original quote can be found in his book ‘The Dictionary of the Khazars.’ 

Maria KethuProfumo


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Victims of General Education

I wonder why the 1st September hasn’t become yet an official celebration of John Amos Comenius, the author of “The Great Dedactic”, & the father of schooling as we know it. Without doubts his approach & the method were very progressive: textbooks with pictures, effective teaching according to age using from simple to more comprehensive concepts, practical application of education. As well Comenius supported the idea of making education available for poor children & women. He seemed to have foreseen the changes that would happen in a century & that he would have been well appreciated by those who would have launched a bloody wheel of the French revolution.

Education…Let’s ponder on the sense of this word & on the power it bears in itself. Antoine de Furetiere’s Dictionaire (1690) explains: “EDUCATION is a care that one takes to grow up, to raise children…a care to cultivate their Spirit either by science or by good manners…“. Some centuries after Grand Dictionnaire Universel by Pierre Larousse (1866-1877) states as follows: “Set of cares given at the young age or at more mature age too to develop physical, moral & intellectual faculties; it’s especially applied to develop the moral faculties…” And adds that a bad education can cause the ruin of many generations. At our century, when the universal schooling system is practised all over the planet, one can’t but agree with the mentioned consideration.

Strangely enough, we all are victims of general eduction. At early post French revolution times, in the beginning of the technical progress epoch the society was hungry for new & provocative, for all that could prove a man’s superiority over God. It gave a chance to John Amos Comenius & his harmful ideas to integrate easily in a devilish machine of liberty. One may be surprised with a thought that the general education might hurt & damage a personality. Well, we must state that. Not all of us at a tender age are ready to start schooling, to not of us fit for a general for-all approach, not all of us even need it. We all are different and have a personal biological time that is responsible for our development and different educational needs. The general education makes us be squeezed in artificial frames, causing a lot of troubles to a personal growth. Besides, even a good teacher is unable to give the proper attention to everybody. Certainly, there are good schools somewhere in the world that’ve managed to solve this problem & to provide perfect general education, but yet most of us suffer. Another problem of this system are subjects. We often get too much information that we will never use in our life, while the most essential we learn only with time & experience.

The modern education has a great impact on our mind. It grows people with standard thinking. It makes us cultivate standard habits & ways of life. No wonder that most of us start the Spiritual search at late age, having passed twists & turns of life nobody has ever warned us at school. And what would we replied to Mr. Comenius and his ‘The Great Dedactic” now at dawn of a post homo sapiens Age? “You’re mistaken, dear John. You’re sadly mistaken!”

Maria KethuProfumo

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The Magic Night of Queen Titania

Hurry up, my dear friends! The forest is thrilled! Oh, what a night!  All the fairy world is invited.Queen Titania is celebrating the last summer day. Deep in the forest, near a slow motioned stream, on a wide clearing next to Queen’s Floral palace it will take place. There is so much fuss over preparation: lightning bugs are switching on scented campanula garlands, grasshoppers, bees & bugs are tuning string instruments & flutes, fairies are rehearsing dances, while dwarfs & other tiny creatures are busy with the stage making & the table arranging. Everybody is very exciting & hopes that clouds won’t hide the Moon & stars.  The new year party under the moonlight is so bewitching.

Right after midnight Queen Titania & King Oberon will appear in their butterfly chariot under pleasant sounds of bells made from silver lily-of-the-valley flowers. Queen will bless the gathered fairies with her golden flower magic stick and so the party will begin. What joy it will be! What fun! Fairies will make a round & will dance until the morning, starting a new nature cycle. Their tiny fragile bodies with sparkling wings will awake fresh energies. Their ringing subtle voices will call winter to come & to plunge the world into a deep frosty dream. Covered with bitter scents of ripe fruits, early autumn herbs & late summer flowers tiny forest creatures will move the course of Time to a new direction and some Titania’s fragrant spell will shed on the world around, giving us peace, hope & powers to create.

Maria KethuProfumo




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How Old Is Your Soul?

We’ve got used to perceive age from a terrestrial point of view. All of us are squeezed into the frames of artificial Time, that on the one hand helps not to get lost in season trains and on the other  has nothing to do with the Universe flow of life. Staying on Earth we have to obey the planet schedule, though the age of our physical body is too often doesn’t correspond to our Soul’s one. When we’re young it’s not easy to understand who is more mature, who is less, for the youth is always crazy & calls to make extravagant things. However having entered the maturity we can easily discover that something is getting wrong: some people keep the joy of spirit & enjoy the life, while the others become gloomy & prefer loneliness. I suppose they are signs that our Soul has its age too.

In fact, it must do! Everything bears, gets mature and old, even Time itself. Soul is not an exception. Another point is how long these phases last. Who knows how many centuries we stay indeed children. What happens to our Soul when it becomes young or gets completely old…Though I doubt that there are too many old Souls in the Universe yet. 🙂

If we consider our own Soul, I’m sure it will hint us its true age. And we should keep it in mind, knowing that our essence is unable to be younger or older. It’s as it’s in the very moment of life. And may be the Universe celebrates our Soul’s birthday that very instance moving us to a new stage of our personal development!… One can hardly guess what’s going on up there in the Milky way sparkling in festive star lights. One can only feels it in his bosom.

Maria Kethuprofumo

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Old Mirrors: Windows with Forgotten Views

Old mirrors are full of mysteries. They reign in great halls & galleries, reflecting faded beauty of the old days. They have seen all the shades of human nature, glory & misery, wisdom & foolishness of mankind. And praised be craftsmen who have made them: perhaps, they could hardly imagined that their works would last over centuries and would be so lucky to become famous & very wise.

These gorgeous glasses, absorbed layers of real Time, always keep the air of their original view. No matter how many years have passed, no matter if they have never been moved, this first cheerful meeting with the world might be easily read in their reflections. They are tunnels connecting us with alive History, for there are so many ones interested to look in a mirror and we face their shades constantly whenever we are in front. The feeling of uneasiness mixed with curiosity fills the heart. Why won’t the mirror  tell about them? What if  once I had been among this crowd.. for there are so many lives we pass on Earth! Who knows where I’ve left my footprints…And what is it: to see your own reflection through Time, to meet with yourself many centuries after? Does it mean to resurrect a particle of your own History or to run our personal Time in a new direction?

Sometimes the old mirrors are covered with a black veil. As if they wish to hide something from us. As if they want to save a bit of the forgotten view only for themselves. We should respect their choice and if we’re eager to learn at least the essence of their secret, we could reconstruct the picture ourselves.

Old mirrors…I guess there is something similar in other Universes & dimensions. Our Creator must have made a lot of them & enjoys watching us. I wonder, what appeared first: the world or a mirror reflecting it?

Maria KethuProfumo

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