Sergio Cammariere – Cyrano of XXI century

Sergio Cammariere has a striking resemblance with Cyrano de Bergerac. It occurs to me whenever I look at him, whenever I listen to his great songs. Sergio is a romantic realist with a mellow voice. Besides pleasure you get hearing him singing, you feel how much we wishes to express with each song. A rare  performer posses this quality nowadays. Cammariere’s singing is a constant monologue with the audience. The monologue that has bits of seriousness, common sense and hope in its gist. This quality reminds Cyrano de Bergerac both the real one: a freethinker for who the reason was the only basis of the existance and invented by Edmond Rostan: a romantic, a poet and a duellist. Who knows, these two artist might be parts of the same soul that wonders around the Universe revealing us pure, Divine music art.

    Maria KethuProfumo


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