Big glasses, an elegant suit, fingers gently touching grand piano. Tom Jobim. All his look sheds calmness, satisfaction, harmony. His soft whisper, a new style of bossa nova signing, astonishes mind and ear. He learned the piano to perform bossa nova thus he showed a new capability of this gorgeous music current.

Garota de Ipanema, Dindi, Falando de Amor, Samba de uma nota sò Every his composition is a masterpiece. It touches cords of heart and fills mind with lightness and joy. His music is like silk. It pleases the ear with smooth passages. It’s like a glass of grand cru vine. It tickles imagination and excites your soul. Jobim’s performances make something inside realize that what you hear is authentic, unique, real.

In a way great Maitre of  bossa nova’s passages have something in common with French Baroque music of the 17th century. Look at Jean-Baptiste Lully’s portrait. There is strong resemblance between him and Tom Jobim, isn’t there? The same happens with music. Some Lully’s compositions have similar structure. They remind Jobim’s bossa nova or otherwise. Listen to their compositions and you will understand what I mean.

Their music is awesome. They are two great composers who keep understanding how musical masterpieces are made through the centuries…Or, maybe  Lully and Antonio-Carlos Jobim are the same soul which helps us hear divine tunes? Let it stay an open question. Their genius is obvious. Jean-Baptiste Lully was lighting the Sun-King’s period. Tom Jobim, though he is no more in our sinful world, goes on shining our time with swing enchanted tunes of Bossa Nova. They are two mysterious composers, two talents. They represent two far music currents but they are amazingly close. Just close your eyes, play a track and enjoy.

Maria KethuProfumo




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