About me

ENGLISH: Maria is a professional linguist-interpterer, specialist on the 17th century France (Louis XIV’s reign). She does research on religion, philosophy, literature. She has a profound interest in various cultures, folklore & mythology, especially in Celtic one. Her favourite writer is Milorad Pavic. She is fond of Bossa Nova & the Brazilian music.

Since 2017 she has been collaborating with the Italian religious & cultural magazine ‘Città di Vita’.  Maria speaks several foreign languages: English, Italian, French are main ones. Since 2019 she has begun learning the Scottish Gaelic & the Brazilian Portugese.

Topics of her main scientific researches: Louis XIV & his time; consciousness of the 17th century French; diachronic interconnection of languages; the Christian consciousness before 1789; the religious existentialism. 

Her blog is dedicated to absurdity of the 21st century, to charm of real and to the depth of the authentic. Enjoy reading and meditating!

Contacts: artkusudama@mail.ru

ITALIANO: Maria è linguista-interpete con grande esperienza, specialista che si occupa della Francia del Seicento (il regno di Luigi XIV). Lei fa le ricerche sulla religione, filosofia, letteratura. Lei è molto interessata alle culture diverse ed alla mitologia, soprattutto alla mitologia celtica. Il suo scrittore favorito è Milorad Pavic. A lei piace tanto Bossa Nova & la musica brasiliana.

Dal 2017 lei collabora con la rivista italiana di religione ed arte ‘Città di Vita”. Maria parla alcune lingue straniere: inglese, italiano, francese. Nel 2019 lei ha cominciato a studiare il Gaelico Scozzese ed portoghese.

Il suo blog è  dedicato all’ assurdità del 21 secolo, al incanto del reale ed alla profondità del autentico. Ci aurugo buona lettura e  meditazione!

Contatti: artkusudama@mail.ru

Saluti cordiali, Maria KethuProfumo


20 Responses to About me

  1. Adrian B says:

    You have a nice and interesting blog.I appreciate your visiting and following my blog. Thank you for your like too.

  2. Anabel Marsh says:

    Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter!

  3. Maria, you write about important issues in such a lovely way. I always appreciate seeing the world from your thoughtful perspective.

    (Today, I just wanted to add that linking to your blog always takes a little extra work. The WordPress link doesn’t work, so I have to cut and paste your name into google to get to your blog. I think it’s easy to fix by making sure the correct address is linked to your avatar.)

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  5. Wonderful blog! My husband has been reading it while I make a veggie lunch! Priorities? I will return and loved your Orthodox post. One of my close friends years ago turned to Russian orthodox in Peru and I learnt a lot from her spiritual approach.

  6. HesterLeyNel says:

    Finally, I can put a face to the blogger who became a friend. Your job sounds very interesting and I admire your prowess with languages. I look forward to reading your posts about Russian mythology.

  7. Nice update! I’m still intrigued by you learning Gaelic.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Tapath leibh, dear Anabel. I’m interested in Celtic culture as well I’m making a linguistic research the main point of which to examine the connection between languages. I will publish it as a book afterwards. So,,,nothing special for a crazy linguist like me! 🙂

  8. stefano polo says:

    félicitations pour votre blog et pour les choses que vous avez faites, et merci beaucoup pour les goûts de mes poèmes

  9. stefano polo says:

    congratulations for your blog and for the things you did, and thank you very much for the likes of my poems

  10. Gosto muito do seu trabalho, aqui no blog. O conteúdo é relevante e realmente acrescenta. Também achei interessante saber que você está agora aprendendo o meu idioma e admira nossa música. Continue sempre nos brindando com sua inteligência e conhecimento. Abraço!

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