Toys can speak. Do you know to listen to them?

Our life starts with a toy. It’s brought either by our parents to our nursery or given to us by somebody. It’s quite serious meeting. The toy seems so confident, it attracts our attention and we choose it as the best friend. It can be a bunny, a bear, an elephant, a doll or a frog. No matter. The matter is our favourite toy can speak. We discuss our problems; share our secrets and thoughts with it. We bring it to a playground, for a walk, to have shower and, for sure, no night passes without our best friend. We believe that our toy is real. We hear it, we see it moving, dancing, singing, crying. We tell it fairy-tales, stories. We believe our real friend will help us in hour of need. We believe it will protect us. We don’t pay attention it’s getting shabby, on eyes which sometimes disappear and Mother has to put buttons instead. The essential thing is our toy-friend is real.

One day things start changing. Our beloved real friend is not favourite anymore. It is replaced with newer, more technical and stylish toys. We are growing up…

One day we start realizing that toys are just toys. They are not cool. In fact they only gather dust. We wonder Who can believe that they know something? They are pieces made of fabric. It’s nonsense they can speak! Toys are only for kids! We send our devoted friends to the attic floor. We throw them away. We give them to somebody else. Adult toys like hi-tech gadgets, cars, brand clothes, girlfriends & boyfriends are cooler! Yeah! They are real!

And the real friend of our childhood stays alone. It stays betrayed in its box among other toys, in a garbage bin or with other children it probably doesn’t like much. How does it feel? Must be terrible.

All this happens because people stop hearing, seeing, accepting the life that is hidden all around. When we are children, we know there are magicians, fairies, superheroes, witches, toys that are real and can speak. When we are adult, we don’t know anything. We are unsure. We believe in nothing. We buy more and more adult toys but we aren’t satisfied. We are never satisfied and we don’t know the meaning of life.

Our real old friends from childhood do. Otherwise, why do we spend so much time together and it makes us happy? When we are with our real bunny, bear, elephant, doll or frog, we are satisfied and the life is meaningful. It’s full of bright colours and joy.

Toys can speak. No matter how old you are to understand it. The question is if you know to listen to them.



3 Responses to Toys can speak. Do you know to listen to them?

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  2. Wow!! I absolutely loved your article. It was really interesting and It made me stop and think for a moment. I also believe that toys can somehow speak but we need to listen very closely. Thank you for sending me this link and I am hoping to follow your blog too!

    From Apollinaire from

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