Stealing joy of fragrance

Dedicated to real perfume connoisseurs.

There was a time. There was a fragrance. It was bewitching, charming, solemn, luxurious. And this fragrance had a name: Shalimar, Miss Dior, White Linon, Ispahan, Climat, Diorissimo, Leonar, Anais de Anais, Magie Noire, Jaipur, Casmir,  Salvador Dali, Trésor, Nina Ricci, Opium, Fidji, Bal a Versailles, Samsara and many other ones. These perfumes were worn like nice furs or diamonds as they were best masterpieces of parfumerie. Either sweet or spicy, either chypre or floral, either oriental or woody, either for day or for evening they could change the world around you just with a tiny drop.

They keep best moments of your life covered with their exciting veil. They can’t be perceived only as trendy season scents. They’re precious aromatic legends, filling your life  with joy, celebrating and happiness.

Where have they gone? Where is the time when you opened the wardrobe and clothes were impregnated with an enchanting fragrance, coming out of a magic legendary perfume box.

Nowadays the perfume is not considered an art any more. They’re made so many! Each company produces something new every fashion season. But, in fact, there are few real ones. Most eau de parfums, eau de toilettes smell similar. Bottles bring little esthetic attraction. The world is so fast! It needs selling more and more.

Real parfums are vanishing. They’re vanishing as forests, drinkable water, animal species. It’s more and more difficult to find the one, the real, your own for 100 %.

There was a time. There was a parfum. It was a beautiful aromatic fairy-tale. But fairy-tales don’t die. May be one day somebody will remember that. And this day will be legendary parfums reincarnation.

Maria KethuProfumo


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