In his works Milorad Pavic regards Soul and Body as Eternity and a Day. In such an allegoric form the writer shows us versatility, infinity, depth of a soul and limitation of a body which has the exact expiration date.

Soul is Eternity. It’s enormous. It exists out of any dimension and space. Body is a Day. Travelling from life to life we spend day after day in a new image. Each day of us is not like the previous one. It takes place in a new country, under a new religion, with a new language. Thus Soul learns understanding the world around and whatever happens it remembers well the past, the day which has already sunk into oblivion.

This allegory has one more interpretation. Soul is a woman, while Body is a man. Eternity and a Day means a couple surrounded with a halo of their love. The woman is complicated, many-sided and infinite in her thoughts and actions.  “Her thoughts are like dresses*” Milorad writes in “The Dictionary of Khazars” describing princess Ateh. The woman is an amphora with aqua vitae. Her personality keeps space forces inside. She ruins and gives birth. (Not without reason Death and Birth have female sex). Thereby she personifies Eternity. Her Day is a man. He is precise, logical. He is the ground of being. He is less complicated, but more understandable and solid. He lights Eternity in many ways: with his mornings, days, evenings and nights.

Their union is balanced and has been lasting for million years. Eternity and a Day harmony creates love. The feeling that comes as “a little hunger under the heart*”, fills air with bergamot and makes Eternity sing. This song is being heard all over the Universe.


*- Pavic Milorad “Dictionary of the Khazars”

– Pavic Milorad “Last Love in Constantinople”



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