La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, here are some breaking news from far lands. At last! (To new followers I remind that we are in 1633, while the Thirty Years’ War goes on). Due to huge problems with communications & distance these tidings have delayed so much:

Constantinople,16th November, 1632: “Here the power troops have raised against the Persians. The Great Seigneur has made Vaivode Strida the Prince of Walacchia, but the citizens of the country are displeased with the possessions he has desired to appropriate; while the allies are negative towards him due to a revolt not approved by their States. (The current state of affairs) will lead to an open war in this country”.

Saint Marie de Grace Fortress, Acadia, The New France, 24th November, 1632: “Three Royal ships under the charge of Commander de Razilly cast off Auray in Bretagne  last summer arrived to this place September 8 1632 on the day of Nativity of Our Lady who gave the name to this fortress we didn’t manage to keep well. Therefore it fulfills the Orders of (our) King & commissions of the King of the Great Britain. (The last one) ordered to the Scottish (troops) to withdraw to Port Royal. So we were ready to sail them there aboard one of our ships. We have agreed about that & sent them (our ship) & some people who will accompany the Scots to the place named Port Royal”.

General Affairs January 1633, Poland: “Poland hopes so much that (the Elector of Saxony, John Gorge I) will persuade their new King, will make him meet his commitments under which he has been allowed to reign as the desire of a complete obedience (expressed by everybody) will please him (the Elector of Saxony) & will save Poland from a great peril coming from menacing Moscovites”.

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. I think it is important to save “Poland from a great peril coming from menacing Moscovites Goodness. 😂.”

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