Soviet Movie Café: The Land of Sannikov

The Soviet cinema is full of wonderful psychologically deep adventure movies. One of the most famous of them is “The Land of S’annikov” based on the true hypothesis about its existence. In the 19th centuries some researches seemed to behold a phantom isle in the Arctic Ocean & dreamed to reach it seeking for gold.

The movie plot: An exiled aristocrat Alexander Ilyin dreams to discover the Land of Sannikov. This venture is very risky as none who has tried before him returned back ever. So, under a pretext to find the gold he persuades the owner of the golden mines to arrange an expedition there. Alexander is lack of the proper people. No matter the obstacles, he sails off with the crew consisted of a brave officer Eugenij Krestovkij, Porfirij, (the mine owner’s servant who is ordered to kill everybody if the gold is found), & Gubin, Ilyin’s old friend, an escaped convict & a former doctor.

Each of them will have to face not only misfortunes of the unknown. There will be a great deal of quests & trials which will reveal their true human essence either for good or for bad.

The movie is captivating, inspiring & very humane. It depicts our light & dark sides, shows weakness & the strength of spirit.

On Youtube I have discovered a version with an auto-translation:

The Land of Sannikov

Enjoy watching in any language, Esteemed Readers! Even…if the auto translation is awful, the movie is worth watching. Definitely!

‘There is just a moment between the past & the future. This moment is called life!”

Maria KethuProfumo!

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  1. fulvialuna1 says:

    Grazie Maria, domani provo.

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