Russian New Year Tale: Enchanters

“Enchanters”/”Charodei” is another essential Russian movie. Since 1982 it inspires & admires with its wonderful music, the tale & gives hopes that a new year will be full of a simple magic, kindness & joy. It reminds us of the force of spirit, of love that knows to fight any obstacle, how not to forget dreaming even being adult, how to make a tale true even in the modern times.

The story so far: “In the modern Kitezh grad there is a Research Institute of magic services. Magicians, witches & other specialists of the kind work there. On the eve of the New Year the local scientific committee presents everybody a magic stick (in the picture) made for the human service sector. Kira Schimah’anskaya, the institute chief, is very happy that the trial has passed successfully & orders to invite the High Commission from Moscow to celebrate the New Year & to make a fabulous presentation of their new invention. Ivan K’ivrin, her assistant director & fiancé, proposes her for the seventh time. Kira is pleased but re-postpones the wedding due to her important charge. Mr. K’ivrin expresses his displeasure & leaves.

At the same time Alena, a young, cheerful & beautiful “witch” from the lab of unexpected surprises, speaks over the phone with her fiancé Ivan P’uhov. She is going to Moscow to her wedding. They are very happy. When she returns to the institute, she encounters Mr. Satan’eev, an unpleasant oldie, who is obviously in love with Alena & has no wish to miss her. He learns about her marriage & makes a meanness: he convinces Kira Schimah’anskaya that Alena is getting married with K’ivrin. In a fit of rage Kira enchants Alena & only the true love of her real fiancé will help to save her & return everything as it should be.”

Unfortunately I have not discovered any foreign translation yet, so I offer you a link to a playlist with soundtracks & some movie shots. They are very merry & cheerful. Enjoy listening, Esteemed Readers!

Maria KethuProfumo


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9 Responses to Russian New Year Tale: Enchanters

  1. theburningheart says:

    Too bad there’s no translation, will like to see it, Maria. 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Dear Mr. Brigido, your passion for quality movies & wisdom will help you to watch it without any translation. The Russian version is Чародеи. Available on the youtube. 🙂 At least make a try!

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