Russian Folk Tales: Unexpected Journeys

Esteemed Readers, it has suddenly occured to me that the Russian folklore is a great hidden promoter of travelling & the fairy tale reality.

We might be convinced in it if we pay attention to the fact that a plenty of our tales happen in far lands, always in more prosperous & richer. Let’s add to this image the impact of foreign princess I have already told you about & voilà! This is the Perfect world!

Strangely enough a rare Ivan Tsarevich is ready to fight in/for/ outside of his own village. All of them prefer to make weary unexpected journeys to complete their quests. This phenomenon makes ponder a lot. Why to travel so far? Might the life have been so dull that there was nothing to do in their native lands?

Without saying ancient Russian lands meant wild forests full of perils, but why is our folklore so much connected with unknown countries? Might it be  a mysterious transcendental consciousness? I have no answer. The only opinion of mine is a great substitution of our folklore. As for me I can hardly believe that a Slavic nation like ours will ever prefer foreign adventures to pretty homeland gangland-style between Ivans & Koscheis. We might suppose that our ancestors were afraid of the Iron Wall…however this absurdity has no sense as since the time immemorial Russia has been surrounded with thick woods protected & isolated from the other world.

Maria KethuProfumo


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14 Responses to Russian Folk Tales: Unexpected Journeys

  1. Maybe, Maria, it is to do with a sense of adventure and curiosity as to how other people live that led to stories in far off lands.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thanks for an interesting point of view, dear Robbie. Well…that’s the point. The Russian mentality is not one of great explorers. Besides are lands are too huge & demand much efford to be protected. Whatever the core of the problem, it is very unexpected…at least for me! Have a nice cake week! By the way, haven’t you thought to make a Matrioshka cake or anything of the kind? It would look gorgeous! 🙂

  2. An interesting observation, Maria. I cannot claim to know the answer, but remember that in those early days, people lived in small villages separated from one another by great distances across a vast territory. Travel was by foot or horse.

  3. Those woods can be the setting of a pretty good adventure for sure.

  4. smilecalm says:

    i’m more understanding now
    why my life is like
    a fairy tail 🙂

  5. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon Amie

    S’il existe un sentiment
    Qui n’est pas toujours perçu a sa juste valeur
    C’est bien de s’être connu par les liens du net
    Sur WordPress
    Ce sentiment est sincère et profond
    Nos écris nous redonnent souvent de l’espoir quand la vie est difficile
    Quand tout est dans un climat de respect et d’honnêteté
    Voila donc pourquoi
    Jouir d’une personne comme toi
    Et un très beau cadeau et un immense privilège
    Que rien au monde ne serait remplacer
    Je te souhaite une belle et agréable journée ou soirée
    Amitiés de la Franche-Comté

  6. theburningheart says:

    Its a common Human longing, specially when you are gone to follow it by a wondrous tale, that may seem too incredible for skeptics ears.
    Yes, even on ancient times, existed cynics, and skeptics.
    Therefore the beguiling first cliche phrase:
    “Once upon a time, in a far away land…” 🙂

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