Mercure Galant: Curiosité

Esteemed Readers, today I present you a peculiar curiosité regarding publishing. I have never heard about similar books before. May be those of you who are writers themselves will use the idea by Father Homney for their own writings. In any case, today’s Mercure Galant piece is intended for some practical use:

“Father Hommey, an Augustinian monk from a small monastery, is going to present to the Audience a little Latin Paper. Ha has chosen a Fabius Claudius Gordianus Fulgentius as its author. The book is taken from a Manuscript he has discovered & one can notice his erudition while enriching it with written & current Notes. And the most extraordinary thing about this Paper, divided into thirty little treatises, is that Author has foreseen everything & did not miss any letter of the ABC. So, in the first volume telling about Adam & his descendants up to Enoch, there is no letter A. In the second telling about the period from Enoch until the Deluge there is no letter B & some others. Some volumes are without letters C or D, etc. It is true that is some cases T is substituted with D, C with G, but that is allowed as a strong letter can be replace a weak one…

The Book that Father Hommey is going to publish is named ‘Liber absque litteris de atatibus mundis atque hommis, absque A, absque B, etc.’ & it will be in sale at le Veuve Charles Coignard, rue de la Bouclerie, & at the Sieur Claude Cellier at the Quay des Augustins.”

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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10 Responses to Mercure Galant: Curiosité

  1. Truly amazing, Maria. Thank you.

  2. How intriguing, Maria.

  3. Ciao Maria,ti lascio un abbraccio e una buona notte🌹

  4. smilecalm says:

    when people were clever & smart
    and phones were not 🙂

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