Soulless mass -market

Our super hi-tech world is ready to offer you everything. Any dream, any whim come true…for money, of course. When you enter a bank, a shop, a restaurant you get into a sacred temple where Visa, Mastercard and cash of any kinds are accepted. These any service temples are clean, shiny, well-designed. People are so smiley, polite and ready to assist you. They know tips what is better to take, how to use, how to wear latest must haves, gadgets, must drinks, must eats, etc. It’s a real market paradise, isn’t it? We pay money convinced our purchase is necessary. How could it be otherwise if a company we had trusted gave us a discount, a Vip Client card or a gift. They are so charming! They do take care of us making birthday calls with offers like “Only today! Take a loan in our bank and you will be happy!” “Only now! Make an order and you’ll get our best cosmetics with 50 % discount!” They send letters with beautiful pictures, they sms us no matter where we are and how much the roaming price is. In fact, they participate so actively in our life that we start asking ourselves: What for do they do that?

To sell and to earn is the answer. That’s strange. XXI century is more brute and trivial than l’Ancient Regime time! Even in the 19th century people produced objects they were in need. Nowadays we are not in need any more, but we buy. We buy under ads influence, due to fashion, just because we liked the package or a service. That’s mass-market hook! Great illuminations, polite stuff, attracting brands. A salary disappears in a moment but the fact of spending does not make us happy. Neither mass-market that is in a hurry to seduce with something new, must have and mostly Chinese.

It has no time to wait and to loose the profit. Too much is invested in cash-making mass-market machine. While we, common consumers, can. We just got used to buy something new. It’s just a way to feel better. But it does not solve our problems. Though…whether mass-market cares of our worries and difficulties? It has neither soul nor heart to feel. Only a question: Are you going to pay cash or by a credit card?


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