Labour has made a human out of a monkey. The office has made the human a donkey.

The popular chimpanzee stars of's Super Bowl ads are returning to the big game this year. is back in the Super Bowl TV ad lineup with more hilarious tales of a human employee working in an office populated entirely by chimps.  (PRNewsFoto/

Labour ennobles a person. Perhaps that’s the reason of high working activity all over the world. An adult person is obliged to work as it’s the most common way to get money for needs which are growing year by year.

What is a medium job? You come to an office early in the morning and get back home late at night. That’s it. In such conditions years are passing by and one day either you get retired or loose the position. In case if you loose it, you need to restart interviews until your lucky star finds you and you get a new post in an office, certainly.

In brief, what the office life is: a bit of working, a coffee break, a bit of working, a lunch break, a bit of working, it’s time to go home. What the office work is: researching of something necessary -unnecessary, conversations, negotiations, translations, and a lot of communication on irrelevant topics. An office worker thinks he does a great deal, while he looks like a donkey carrying its carriage for some sweet fresh carrots which any director has in variety. More the donkey is fed more he works, believing he is helping the world to run faster.

What about life? Where is it while the office worker is doing his best to change the world? It runs in its own way. Seasons pass. Natural disasters happen. Eclipses influence the planet. The office worker doesn’t know. He doesn’t see. Where is the time for relaxation, hobbies, self-education? The office worker is too tired. Sometimes he can find a couple of hours for this stuff. No more. The career can’t wait. The world will stop if he dares thinking of his own interests. He has no time to share with the family and friends. What to dream of more! The office worker must carry the carriage as the carrots he gets for it are so sweet.

Maria KethuProfumo

4 Responses to Labour has made a human out of a monkey. The office has made the human a donkey.

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  2. Lots of food for thought about our human condition in a capitalist monetary economy.

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