Sphinx Asks Riddles III

Esteemed Readers,

here is a new 17th century riddle for your entertainment. This one is rather curious &  profound. I hope you will find it interesting & not too difficult to be guessed out. Good luck! The right answer to the previous one is at the end of the post.

  • O, superior beauties that win the world:
  • In vain dazzled with a deceptive light,
  • Your charms & mine are only mist,
  • And due to mistake of senses our empire is melted.
  • Depending on what I seem on earth and in the sea
  • I give hope or bring the worst.
  • The Sun makes for me the same it does for His Sister ;
  • Alike She I’ve got a body, full of light.
  • As well as love I’ve got some special traits :
  • I represent War & I announce Peace,
  • I make winds stop & I cease thunders.
  • Of all that use my power, the weather is the strongest,
  • My temporary beauty is as fragile as glass,
  • And the author of my life is the same of my death.
  • Who am I?

REPLY to the riddle posted on September 14, 2017: A TORCH and A CANDLE (this version has been discovered in another source after I’ve posted the riddle ). My congratulations to Robbie and to John. 😉 😉 😉

Maria KethuProfumo

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On the Eve of Samhain

The Eve of Samhain,(I doubt I will ever regard it as Halloween), is filled with a special sort of attraction. The Celts believed this night opened the gates leading to the World of Deads, gave a chance to communicate with our Ancestors and helped Restless Spirits to return back to their world. How much sense and esteem these beliefs used to have! Having a mentality and knowledge, based on natural power, ancient people paid a tribute to the past even without studying history. It was respect to the kin, to the Other World and to mutability of Mother Nature itself.

I guess the Celts used to have rather powerful minds that allowed them to behold, to hear and to perceive so many things hidden from us, people of the hi-tech reality. As they were able to connect with their Spirits, to keep the balance between two worlds, it means they used to have been one of the most developed human beings ever. Well…Any pagan culture seems to have been so. However I wonder whether it’s right to regard a term ‘pagan’ as something apart. Christianity was built upon barbaric civilizations and it existed as a hybrid of two systems until 1789.

May be the fact that an echo of Samhain has reached the present is an invitation God and our Ancestors send with diligence from year to year to make us  ponder upon the roots, our attitude to history, life and death . They hope we might make right conclusions and put them into practice hic et hoc

Maria KethuProfumo


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To Be or To Seem?

My linguistic research I’m working on made me ponder upon these two notions, simple & complicated at the same time. In fact, what are we, people of the hi-tech reality? How much do we feel the essence Creator has put into us? How much do we follow our own path?

Everybody comes into the material world pure. He is a tabula rasa, strongly connected with the Divine. While we’re still children, we support it in a magic way. We’re open, honest, because we’re always ourselves. We don’t know the art of pretending, except too old or too spoiled Souls. And one day the Spiritual bridge between the Divine and us vanishes. We notice something has changed. We feel it very clearly and it perplexes us. We get older, more socialized and step by step we lose the Divine or replace it deliberately with morals and values of the hi-tech world, considering them far important. It’s strange…We escape from God, from purity, from ourselves.

Then the time of masks comes. We try various selves, we change them together with seasons, always hungry for something new, astonishing, with a certain air of importance. And we never do it to please ourselves. Due to unknown reason we’re convinced that these selves will help us to get what we need, to establish contacts, to make people around like us more. No matter that our milieu  doesn’t often size us up. We have no time to ponder upon that. All we know is that we must be like them and unique at the same time. That’s how we lose the self-identity.

Whenever we chose seeming and pretending, something important dies in the bosom. There are no two similar stones, rain drops or flowers petals in the world. Then why are people dissatisfied so much with their uniqueness and don’t cultivate their own character? Why do they put so much effort to seem when they could simply be

Maria KethuProfumo

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Moon Power

The Moon…She is another silent witness of human history, turned to us with its brilliant side. What are you and where do you belong to? What we know is that you have a brother named Sun and an eternal companion named Earth. Many pay no attention to your existence, however you, not Sun or Earth, decide fortune of all the beings & events on our green planet. You are the fastest to move and wherever you pass, the finger of Fate reveals itself.

Your power is unlimited. You influence our minds & actions. You establish your own order for nature and makes it follow that. Nothing will grow without your impulse. Nothing will fade without your decision. You are both Live and Death. From time to time you meet with your brother Sun. We, humans, call these periods eclipses. They are one of the most incredible miracles of nature and bring rejuvenation into our world. You open new energetic currencies and they move the Earth to a refreshed flow of Time. But, I wonder, whether you know Time yourself? Does it exist in your true nature? Or, perhaps, it’s hidden over there on your dark side? You perform your slow motion dance around Earth and seem so unchangeable for us, little human beings busy with trifles of our perishable existence…While you glance on us solemnly, knowing what we are and remembering what we used to have been at the dawn of Time.


Maria KethuProfumo

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Keys of Our Fortune

I believe that each of us has a talisman of our own Fortune and our Destiny depends on it very much, for we might spend all our life only seeking for it. This kind of talisman is not a simple object. It might have a shape of a human or any other living creature or be a place on Earth or an event that turns our life once and for all. Our Creator loves us so much, that He has invented the whole net of situations & people that, finally, should lead us to Talisman of our Fortune and nobody can escape from it. However, the final result may be rather dualistic: if a heart seeks for Good, it will find Good, if it wishes Evil, it will get it in full. Talisman of our Fortune always reflects ourselves and is unable to give us something against our true nature or against the life situation we are in.

To find Talisman is not enough. We must learn to comprehend its power, to use it properly, otherwise it won’t simple serve us or we will lose it once and for all. At first, perhaps, it will even add us troubles, accenting its appearing and pointing to the fact that we must learn what to do with it. And if we accept this particular lessons of the Divine school, if we follow the way from the beginning to the end with joy, strength and common sense, we will acquire a true treasure. I guess the only real & necessary for us indeed.

Maria KethuProfumo  

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7 Mortal Sins & Social Networks

Some days ago I read a very amusing article dedicated to Social Media Sins. Indeed, being a great antagonist of Twitterism, Facebookerism & similar Internet activities, I’m glad that more & more people have started pondering on a malicious, poisonous & even dangerous impact of all these wonder cyber places. Social Networks steal the most precious thing we have – our time & our life. They are becoming a true enemy number 1 of any person on Earth. And let common sense save us from them.

So, the article represented Social Networks according to the Mortal Sins. I provide the list for You, My Esteemed Readers & the link to the original (in Italian) below. So, here’s a classification of Social Networks according to 7 mortal sins:

  • Lust means Tinder.
  • Gluttony means Instagram.
  • Greed means LinkedIn.
  • Sloth means Netflix.
  • Wrath means Twitter.
  • Envy means Pinterest.
  • Pride means Facebook.

Be very careful with any of networks below, Esteemed Readers. Keep an alarm clock next to your gadget that would remind you of the real time on Earth not to become a Gollum with his Precious! 🙂

The Original Article (Italian): https://it.aleteia.org/2017/10/02/i-sette-peccati-capitali-di-internet/

Maria KethuProfumo

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To Create Mood for Others

A positive environment is an essential thing, but it’s so difficult to be created. When we’re fixed much on some things we call troubles or worries, (when most of them are mainstream trifles or quests of our Destiny), we become blind & notice nothing around. Our negative experiences make us frozen to others & far not everybody is able to overpass himself to create mood for others. Nevertheless, we’re humans & we’re in a process of a constant Spiritual development, where fighting our passions & own dark sides are necessary experiences. So, we must kill this dragon, challenging us, win our own discomfort, apathy & learn to create mood for others, no matter what’s going on. Besides, it’s such an easy thing to do!

I believe that true joy comes from simplicity. A set of rather simple actions,made with a true wish to share some happiness with our milieu makes incredible things for people. This desire is alike a lit candle that we give to those who stay in the darkness, for them to feel secure, merry & be able to get warm. The warmth of our heart & energy, I suppose, create real miracles & make people feel great. May be because the true essence of mood means sharing, not selfish keeping for ourselves. And more positive environment we build for others, better our own existence is. As we know that when it will be our turn to wander through sorrows & darkness, somebody will certainly come to create mood for us.

Maria KethuProfumo

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