Appeal to Women of the World: Return from a Shopping Wonderland


Our planet still suffers difficult times. There is too little light and too much darkness, too little truth and too many lies around. A fountain of violence, misunderstanding, mental weakness and stupidity is overflowing. We suffocate under an oppressive informational field, blocking our brains with senseless & unnecessary information. We have too little space to live and too much time to run in a wasteful current of life which is not life itself but a perversion. We search for somebody to be blamed and we find them. We notice all wrong things around. However, more we notice, more we realize that the part a woman plays in this anarchic mess is enormous.

Look, what she is today: arrogant, selfish, uncompromising, rowdy, using all her intelligence for trifles, either vulgar or pretending to be saint, demanding, with little sense of beauty & light, impatient, without showing respect to her partner. A woman who doesn’t know the sense of love, patience, care, compassion. The one who perceives man like a carpet, lack him of warmth and support he needs so much every day to become a real brave one indeed. The one who shows scorn to her own children, who hates them in the very depth of her well-dressed body. The one who hates the world too, who looks at it with empty eyes embraced with richly make-up eye lids. She seems a true fleur de mal of the globalization crisis time…

Indeed so sad it is. It’s so sad that many women extinguish fire of life & true love inside. It’s sad that they are unaware of true feelings, of self-sacrifice, of true patience and care. It’s sad that they practice little their femininity through simple things, female crafts & entertainments. Indeed simplicity makes a woman attractive. True words and wisdom makes her an object of adoration. A good service to her husband makes her a good wife.

Esteemed Women, remember the light that exist inside each of you and return from the wonderland of synthetic pleasures. The world calls for you!

Maria KethuProfumo

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Eternamenta Awards deadline

Esteemed Participants,

I remind you of our Award deadline: It’s the 28th of January. Please, be in time with your posts.

Eternamenta Awards:

Best regards,


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Happy New Year!!!


Esteemed Readers, Followers, Bloggers & Visitors!

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you serenity, inspiration, creativity and joy of any moment of life! May New Year be a year of Light, knowledge, may it make your little desires come true.

I wish you happy blogging & reading in 2017, new discoveries and a new level in the infinite path of spiritual growing!

Best Regards,


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New Year Oddities

I’enhanced-buzz-30775-1388531255-26ve been fond of New Year. It seems to me it’s the most mysterious celebration of the year, for you feel  the power of Time change with your own being &  it seems you are able to participate in it actively. There is something indeed bewitching in the moment when the clock strikes and you make your wish. You feel almost the Ruler of Present, Past & Future. Besides, New Year always means a fairy-tale. It’s a wonderful journey to ourselves, into our still childish dreams and pure sense of a feast, which raise your spirit so much! However, there is one thing which makes me odd about it: why the modern industrial society celebrates it on the 1st of January.

One ancestors, being wiser and having better relationship with Nature, celebrated it on the 1st September, on the 1st November or on the 1st March, according to the cultural tradition. All these dates have their meaning as well as celebrations themselves pay tribute to Earth. The solar & lunar cycles are more than logical too, for days of Equinoxes & Solstices and the lunar New Year pay tribute to Celestial bodies that give life to our planet. I guess the world has totally different energy in these periods, and by choosing an alternative, artificial path we miss it.

A calendar is just a set of months. Most of us knows neither its meaning nor its true predestination.Besides it doesn’t make our life better or worse. While our bio rhythms are strongly connected with our planet and we should follow them to comprehend our own essence.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (no matter when you celebrate it)!

Maria KethuProfumo

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Dear Bloggers,

Blogging doesn’t mean only writing, it is reading as well. And good reading certainly changes our life to the better.  Milorad Pavic used to say: there are more talented Readers than Authors’. So, tell us what kind of Reader you are and be awarded as an honoured Reader.

Terms of Participation:

  1. Let us know that you wish to participate in our award: leave us a comment to this post or confirm a personal invitation you’ve got.
  2. Write a post explaining why you’re a talented Reader and what good experience you’ve got through blog reading. Name the post ‘On Eternamenta Awards’. Send us a link.
  3. Inform any 5 bloggers (certainly good Readers too) about our award for them to participate too. You might simply mention them in your post.

The voting period starts the 1st of December of 2016 and ends the 28th of January of 2017.

Winners will be announced during the first week of March via a post in our blog and a personal message to them.

Our award is non commercial; however we guarantee some nice special Readers’ prizes.

Good luck to all!

Best Regards,


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Why We Must Respect the History



The Chaos of the World calls us to be alert. At present when vices are praised, values are surrogated, when there are no pure black & white, history might become the guide that will lead us to the light. In fact, it’s the greatest treasure of humanity, our only devoted friend, an amazing kaleidoscope of epochs & events, personalities & their deeds. We must be grateful to it, for history knowledge facilitates considerably the present and build the proper future. The point is to apply it right.

Certainly, it’s difficult to us, staying centuries away, to value right this or that historical event, but at least we can see, analyse and realize what is really right or wrong. The wheel of history is static. Sooner or later it passes the same points and makes humanity be responsible for learned lessons. And we will have to obey it, no matter how much some people try to colour or to change the real state of past affairs.

Those who shift the truth with lies are likely afraid the reality both of the past and of the present. They might believe that their opinion, which sometimes might destroy the whole epochs or even worse to defame a noble personality, would make a world of good. They might believe that this approach means the liberty of speech. That’s nonsense, for these people didn’t create the events they judge, they didn’t know persons they dare to defame. Even if one declares that his opinion is the recollections of his past reincarnation.

History always demands respect. And the last one does exists in the depth of our hearts. For how can we be ungrateful to our ancestors, to great kings and their warriors who have made our world so noble and grand? We should be grateful even to the darkest times for only in the whole obscurity the true essence of light might be learned.

Maria KethuProfumo


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On Women

princeachmed2A beautiful woman is a gem, a good woman is a treasure.


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