Myth II: The State is Me

‘Mon Dieu! O-la-la! Ha-ha-ha! Mu-mu-mu!’ that’s what I’m going to reply to the one who has invented this really shameful expression. And some other strong words to those who believed in it.

Why Louis XIV couldn’t say it and even think in such a manner? First of all he was a sacred figure and God’s Lieutenant on Earth. He realized his Mission profoundly. Moreover, it is believed that any king bears a piece of Saint Spirit. And obviously it turns a human into a semi-God. While the semi-God comprehends things differently. Second the sense of King’s life was to serve God, France & his Subjects. He never comprehended and was not even able to separate these things, allowing himself to replace the Lord with his own ego. He even had no ego. For, as the State was an image of the Divine Kingdom on Earth, he would have committed a blasphemy by placing himself on the top.

And linguistically it was impossible as well. The phrase in modern French sounds: L’Etat c’est moi!’ Ha-ha-ha! The revolutionists have made a great language reform, so, therefore, Louis XIV would have not even comprehended it, if he had heard. In Old French it must sound: ‘L’Estat c’est moy!’ And if we take into account the fact that l’Estat meant God, he would have never dared to say so.  Anyhow, thanks to the author of this aphorism. He has made a brilliant historical anecdote.

Have a nice day & Vive le Roy!

Maria KethuProfumo

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Myth I: Louis XIV – The Sun King

Descendants, unfortunately, are very ungrateful. They like to invent various stories & to defame names of their great & illustrious ancestors, using the fact that the last ones are dead and can’t protect their honour.

Louis XIV is one of the most defamed kings ever. The French revolution worked hard to destroy his true essence. So, let’s start from his famous nick-name: “The Sun-King”. ‘Is it  a nick name?’ you might ask, my Esteemed Readers? Yes, because in the past any king was regarded as Jupiter or Sun in many cultures, but Rulers were always named according their deeds. Louis XIII, Louis’s father, deserves much more to be called the Sun-King, because he used this symbolism more. Louis XIV had the name of Dieudonné /Godsent and further became Louis le Grand, that was a sign of the greatest respect on behalf of his Nation.

For the 17th century people the figure of their king was sacral. The king was  God’s Vicar on Earth, Father of the Nation. It was believed that his personality bore a piece of the Saint Spirit inside. He was always respected, mentioned in prayers of common people. The Royal Family and all the events happened there were alike a center of adoration. On the other hand, the King considered his Nation as children he had to take care of with great responsibility and always remembered that himself he had no mother, no father, no family. That’s why when a Sovereign was depicted as a Mighty Jupiter nobody would see in it anything unnatural.

The French of the 17th century would be really surprised to learn that such a great personality as Louis XIV has got such an odd name. They would certainly ask what about Dieudonné/Godsent? But what can answer to that those who destroyed the Divine Order and established a liberal kingdom of democracy?

Maria KethuProfumo


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Great Anniversary!

Esteemed Readers,

in occasion of the Great 380th Anniversary of the Great French King Louis XIV Dieudonnè Eternamenta lunches a year of charming blog celebrations. All the year (February 2018-February 2019)  I will tell you about his true personality, his milieu, customs, traditions & real life in the 17th century France. Riddles are included. I hope you will enjoy this historical journey together with me. Now, go!


Maria KethuProfumo

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Music Inspiration

Esteemed Readers,

in anticipation of the new lunar year to come and some other fabulous events that are hold in Eternamenta blog since February 1, I wish to share with you this wonderful song. May it bring you inspiration too:

Have a nice Sunday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Memory of Evil: Along With Light

All has its beginning & end, except Light that has the infinite power. It is immortal and passes through any kind of darkness. It means that Evil, being in its essence the best engine for growth & development, is limited. It may cause the deepest chaos, it may bring the worst sufferings, but its destructive impact has an expiration date written clearly in the Divine Nature of Time. An earthquake is a good example for this phenomenon. It lasts for seconds but the effect may endure for years. Does it mean that the essence of Evil is an impulse? If it is so, should we comprehend passions that lead us as seeds of Evil bringing destruction to the world and how much indeed a human being might participate in the Divine Chaos of Being?

Another strange thing is the fact that, as a rule, no memory is kept about darkness for long. Witnesses of dreadful events & calamities parish sooner or later, taking their recollection with them and only silence is left instead of cries of horror & tears. Places keep the negative energy for sometimes, but then it is renewed with a burst of fresh currents. Our Creator is the greatest Optimist ever! He always reminds us of the main goal of creation: to spread the Divine Light all around.

PS. By the way, if we read the word ‘evil’ back to front, it will become ‘live’. Funny, isn’t it?

Maria KethuProfumo

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Write Letters, Dear Friends!

Too much information & too much visual instruments have made us lazy & careless. Our brain is always I-washed and step-by-step humanity loses knowledge of the genuine art. Especially of the one that used to be called literature. At present a book publishing is a growing global trend, that, unfortunately, menaces to erase the true sense of such a wonderful & sophisticated phenomenon as writing.

There are too many of those who believed to be born real writers…but they are not. There are too many books that should have never been published even in e-format…because they are real rubbish… And there are too many people who promote writing… when their main goal is only to have a profit from these poor “genii“. All that destroys literature as a genre and it’s time to accept this fact.

To write the book is a big responsibility, I would say too big. For, first of all, it’s a responsibility before God. All our thoughts, ideas, feelings we put in our work are evidences of our outlook and if our moral level is too low, that good writing heritage we could leave to this world? At the same time, the problem of an excessive rubbish publishing must be regarded from another curious point of view: many people write simply because they are lack of self-expression. And they are lack of self-expression because we don’t write letters anymore. Remember, Esteemed Readers, especially those who are already of the advanced age & full of wisdom, there was time when people communicated via letters. They spent hours describing, discussing, arguing something with somebody on paper. They trained their brain, handwriting & patience too. And it always brought its fruit: sooner or later their correspondence became a brilliant piece of a true, alive history.

To write books or not to write – that decision one must make realizing all the consequences, while to write a letter is a great tradition that gives us much more than we expect. We should not give it up, otherwise sooner or later words themselves will disappear & we will remain mute.

Maria KethuProfumo

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What time is it…in the Internet

Time is rather relative, however the Internet distorts its perception. The Web is always on no matter hour; it has no days off, holidays; it knows no rest. This artificial ‘reality’, made by humans for humans, represents a philosophy of the non-stop existence rather brightly. It impacts our minds, behaviour & habits. It makes us addicted to the fact that there we’re the rulers of Time, for we can satisfy our various needs any moment we wish.

This artificial attitude to Time, created to please our own ego, will play a bad joke with humanity sooner or later, because it destroys our personal bio rhythms & erases feelings of the natural cycles. Too many of us pay no more attention to the dawn or to the sunset, to Moon’s phases, etc. We are indifferent to rain and snow outside…just because the Internet has its comfort zone that seems to be the best & the most perfect for us. May be it’s another reason why we waste our Time so carelessly. No generation before the web appearing overdid it so much.

We must be careful of our Time. We must take care of it before we have dissolved ourselves in a dreadful inability to answer the question: ‘What time is it in reality?’

Maria KethuProfumo

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