Modern Beautè: No magic. Plastic surgery and Photoshop.

Since the creation of the world women have been trying to underline their beauty. Each epoch had its own standards:

During the Middle Ages most beautiful were set equal to witches so they were first to be burnt.

At the Renaissance time women found trendy to shave forehead and to be depicted as Saints.

At Ruben’s time a real woman had “real” forms, so on and so false. Nobody thought of any diets, losing weight, cellulite.

XXI century. Open any magazine, (for example a female one), and you will see a lot of eye-catching photos of amazingly classy models. Switch on TV, browse the web: amazingly classy women go on following you. When you’re out, you will surely pay attention to an attractive poster with an all smiles lady. What is common for all these little pretty things? No wrinkles, no dark circles under eyes, perfect face colour, no cellulite, thing legs, no belly…and no wit in their faraway look. Fine! No place to speak about intelligence. So, a rare man won’t ask himself where to meet such a babe. A rare girl won’t start wishing to have eyes like her, nose like her, breasts like her, lips like her. Who knows what else!

Where do they live, these fairies of a modern trendy beauty-world? – Nowhere. These pictures are a refined work of a good photographer. He hides, he erases, he adds. In fact, it is him who creates beauty.  A medium modern model is always on diet.  The best diet is much coffee and smoking. Can you imagine how such a woman may look in the morning?

Other story is a pretty little thing made by a plastic surgeon. Yeah, these doctors are Gods! They can change any part of your body so artistically that no man will ever guess if forms he is attracted with are real or fake.

So, what do we see all around? Who is that seducing woman that smiles to us from a stunning photo? She is a fake. She is a result of mind changing in our fast running world. She doesn’t exist like many of our goals we are imposed to achieve. She is needed to sell, to make believe that being so booby, so skinny, so Diory, so Guerlainy is vitally important.

At the same time, this image destroys real beauty’s perception. It makes many women feel half-baked. Where is the real one? What does she look like? A human being is intelligent enough to have his/her own views and opinions on this topic, without sticking to glamorous photos imposed with Mass Media and cosmetic companies.

Modern beauty around is a balloon. It is just a plastic surgery and Photoshop.








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