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Verb Think and its synonyms

To think is one of the most popular ways to express your considerations as well there’re some useful synonyms which can make your speech brighter: Verbs: to consider, to believe, to suppose, to count, to deem, to reckon, to judge. Expressions: … Continue reading


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Enrich the vocabulary. Anti-‘nice’ tendency.

It’s nice to speak nicely in the modern world. Though this adjective has become another parasite of our vocabulary. It’s curious to learn that in the Middle English this word had the meaning ‘foolish’, ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’, ‘incapable’. An amazing transformation … Continue reading

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25 ways to say OK

The word OK must be the most globalized and the most popular in comparison with other English words. Besides it has already been borrowed in many languages. We use quite often, if not to say too often leaving behind a chance … Continue reading

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