Tico & the Man’s Stories V: First Steps & First Failures

‘I greet you, dear Tico!’ exclaimed the Fairy in her delighted voice. ‘I apologize for being so late. We were welcoming your teacher Mr. Tucchini these days.’

‘Hallo, dear Fairy Lady Gina, I’m so glad to see you! How is it possible for Mr. Tucchini to be with you if he died some time ago?’

‘I have already told you that each talented creature belongs to the Fairy World, so when it’s time to leave the world you see, the soul just moves to us for a happy eternal life. Now your teacher is beginning a new turn of his existence and, certainly, of his music.’

‘Really? Does it mean that my mother or even me could be there?’

‘Of course, dear Tico! If you develop your talent and serve the deed of your life, the Fairy World is open for you. Now, let’s speak about your further life and a journey you are going to take. You have passed your trial excellent. Even our most severe Chef Fairies agreed to make you a special gift: to send you to develop your talent to a good place in the world of men. They have a high musical culture, so you will obtain all you need for the music to sound right in your heart.’

Tico was very excited hearing this and sang the most beautiful seven notes he ever did.

‘Your journey is beginning right now. I will carry you to the World of Men. Just sit on my hand”.

Our hero was about to do what his Fairy demanded, but he remembered about heritage and scores of Mr. Tucchini.

‘What should I do with all these things, dear Fairy Gina? I cannot leave them in disorder.’

‘Ask your family to guard the house and take the scores with you. They are very special. One day you will comprehend why. Please, keep in secret where you are going. Magic journeys demand silence. I reappear the night when a young rising moon, and we set off. Good bye!’

Tico was extremely happy to see the Fairy Gina, to learn about an amazing travel ahead and to settle down his little routine problems. Besides, he was proud of himself and glad to learn that his teacher continued his grumbling somewhere in a magic land. The life seemed to him so beautiful again! This joy made our hero careless, he forgot about Fairy Gina’s warning and told his brothers and sisters about his departure. They did not comprehend anything but instantly began criticizing him. They were quite ordinary parrots, so they could not imagine anything but a good bowl of fruits in their lives.

Their negative reaction was very painful for Tico. He always believed that his family was a place of his support, but this illusion was broken so cruelly in such an important moment of his life. So, he spent last days before leaving in a great sadness that became double when Lady Gina reminded him about her demand.

‘Please, forgive me, dear Fairy! What I have done! What I have done!’ cried Tico. He felt miserable and thought that his Fairy Lady would get angry with him and leave for ever. ‘Can I do anything to correct my mistake?’

Lady Gina was pleasant with him. She comforted our talented parrot but set him a new condition: to travel around the world of men until his heart was ready for music. He would be mute for this period and would meet various misfortunes that would teach him life and would make him mature. Tico obeyed as he felt very guilty of his indiscretion. That’s how his travel began.

During this rather long period of time, (almost seven years according to a human calendar), he knew various countries and people, observed injustice, crimes and calamities: He suffered not once but his good heart and belief helped him to overcome all the obstacles on his way to the World of Music.

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 Maria KethuProfumo in collaboration with Tico & the Man Frank Maglio


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4 Responses to Tico & the Man’s Stories V: First Steps & First Failures

  1. Another terrific story in the life of Tico. Thank you, Maria.

  2. Ao ler e escutar, muitos sentimentos se formam dentro de nós. E toda história segue seu destino único. Muito bom escutar hoje pela manhã com um bom café e isso trouxe você em meus pensamentos, Maria querida. Desejo a você um feliz domingo.🌷☕️❤️🌷

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