Tico & the Man’s Stories IV: Unknown Future

Another year with Mr. Tucchini was indeed a trial for Tico. The old teacher was becoming worse and worse. His grumbling and criticism were unbearable, besides our hero had to become his chargé d’affaires. Mr. Tucchini’s health was getting weaker, and even if Tico was a great optimist in life it was obvious that a sad moment of departure was arriving. So he fulfilled his new duties with diligence and did his best to keep peace in his teacher’s noisy family of two ex-wives and numerous children. He made friends with the young generation and found a right approach to the ladies. So, everybody was contented with him. His own modest life passed in an ordinary boredom of a musical student: Mr. Tucchini and he continued to repeat seven notes and imitated various noises dreaming about the music and the Fairy Lady Gina.

Every cloud has a silver lining, so there were good moments in a turmoil of his routine: Mr Tucchini’s stories about his rich past, full of incredible musical experience. ‘Memory, young bird…’ used to say his teacher, ‘is the only real treasure we possess. Life if full of unpredictable events. Everything may happen, but your recollections will always be with you. Memory, young bird! Never forget it”.

Time flew like an arrow, and a trial year passed. Another blooming season arrived, but no fairy appeared at the river bank. Tico visited this place every evening but nothing happened. He became sad and even cried simply because he did not know what to do.

A new misfortune expected him in a day of tropical flower blooming widely celebrated by inhabitants of the selva: his teacher Mr. Toucchini died. It happened suddenly as any event of the kind usually did and made Tico at a loss: his life was never so uncertain as during these days of sorrow. Our hero already loved his eccentric teacher and even managed to comprehend some reasons of his grumbling…but it was hard to realize that he did not exist any more.

Mr. Toucchini was a very organized bird and left a will according to which his house and scores were legated to Tico, while the rest did to his ex-wives and children. Everybody was pleased with such a reasonable decision. Mr. Toucchini’s family considered his musical career senseless while his own scores and house a true rubbish.

As soon as relatives moved all the riches they desired to take out, Tico was left alone. Loneliness was a completely new experience for him. It made him frightened. It made him felt a grain of sand in this rushing world of the selva. There was nobody to speak with, to share his thoughts and to ask what should be done next. The time seemed to stop for him, but it did not for his musical talent. He continued repeating the notes and did all they used to do together with Mr. Tucchini. Finally, his patience was rewarded. The Fairy Lady Gina appeared.

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 Maria KethuProfumo in collaboration with Tico & the Man Frank Maglio


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8 Responses to Tico & the Man’s Stories IV: Unknown Future

  1. As it is said, “when one door closes, another opens,” Mr. Toucchini’s passing will present new opportunities to Tico. A terrific story, Maria.

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