Russian Orthodox Icons: Our Lady of Vladimir

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Our Lady of Vladimir is a historical Icon highly venerated through centuries. It has participated in important events of the Old Russia, it was a witness of dramatic pages of our history. Besides it is considered to be one of the rarest treasure of the Ancient Russian art as there is a legend that the Sacred Image was a copy of those painted by Saint Luke.

This copy was made in Byzance & moved to Russia about 1130 as a gift for Mstislav I of Kiev. (1076-1132).(NB: the historical center of the Old Russia is Kiev, Ukraine. Moscow was a local village that time). Then a powerful local Grand prince of Vladimir-Suzdal Andrej Dobolubskij (-1174) possessed the Sacred Image & moved it its residence. He ordered to craft rich decorations for it & never separated with the Icon even being at war. After his death the rich framework was stolen many times while the Sacred Image itself was undergone different misfortunes. In 1395 when the Khan Timur (1336-1405) was on his way to siege Moscow the Sacred Image was delivered to the city & miraculously stopped this assault. In 1480 the Icon helped again & finally liberated Russia from a long Mongol invasion & it was kept in the Moscow Kremlin. Further Our Lady of Vladimir became an essential attribute of coronation of our tzars. It participated as a Saviour of Russia in numerous wars.

At present it is exhibited in the Church of St. Nicolas in Tolmachi.

Our Lady of Vladimir is highly venerated in our churches. It is considered to be a protectress of Russia, travellers & peace. Besides, it protects family, helps to find the sense of life, to fight one’s passions, to overcome difficulties in life.

Our Lady of Vladimir is celebrated on the 21st of May, the 23rd of July & the 26th of August.

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  1. What great history, Maria. I can’t imagine how these paintings survived all those years. It is a miracle that they have. Thank you for sharing the story of Our Lady of Vladimir.

  2. Abbraccioni grandi affettuosi!🫂❤️🌹

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