La Gazette 1635: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, 1635 has already begun, so there are more hope for a misty peace in our exhausting Thiry Years’ War (1618-1648). Battles are more furious, negotiations are hotter while the life goes on & our La Gazette adds more Extraordinary tidings I’m going to share with you.

 EXTRAORDINARY NEWS on discovering on bodies of four Saint Martyrs:

Paris, 1 st January 1635: ” There is nothing better than to begin this year with discovery of some Martyrs’ bones. Among them there is a Saint Martyress, a noble Roman Virgin (named Martina) who was martyrized this very day on the 1st of January more than 1400 years ago in the second year of the Pontificate of Urban I (-230) & in the fourth year of the reign of Severus Alexander the Emperor (222-235).

This Martyress was a noble Roman Virgin whose father had been elected as a Council three times. She became an orphan in 228 AC  being yet too young. She gave all her heritage to the poor & dedicated herself to God. When Domitrius Ulpian was inaugurated as a Prefect of Rome he started prosecuting the Christians. He brought the Roman Virgin to the Temple of Apollo to sacrifice her<…> As the cradle of the Church was yet full of frequent miracles the manuscripts & authentic editions of the Vatican Library tells that this very Virgin managed to make the Temple Idol fall just with a cross of her fingers & caused a serious ground shaking that also buried under ruins a great number of pagan citizens. So the Prefect ordered to torture her: she was pieced with iron needles by 17 executioners. Four Angles appeared. They consoled the poor maiden & turned the needles against their torturers who were instantly converted to Christianity. When the Prefect learnt about it he decapitated them & continued torturing the maiden. Everything was in vain: her exhausted body transmitted the Divine light protecting her. As a result she was torn apart & given to the lions of the Amphitheatre. They did not touch her body but killed the one who had brought it there. By the Prefect’s order the poor died maiden was decapitated while the rests of her body were thrown at the outskirts of Rome. They were guarded by two flying eagles until the Christians found them.  They built a small Chapel in the Church of Saint Luke where they buried them.

This sacred place was ruined long ago but it was happily rediscovered  on the 25th of October 1634. Bones of  three other Martyrs were found together with Saint Martina’s body. In the sepulchre there were two small stones & two wonderfully decorated well kept glass vases with notes explaining that they were Saint Martina, Saint Concordio & Epiphanio with their companion:

“Τ Hic requiescunt corpora Sanctorum Martyrum Martina Virginis, Concordij & Epiphanij cum socio eorum.”

Vive le Roy!

Maria KethuProfumo

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3 Responses to La Gazette 1635: Historical News Today

  1. “Τ Here rest the bodies of the Holy Martyrs Martina Virginis, Concordia, and Epiphanius with their companion” is a good note to receive on January 1st. Thanks for sharing, Maria.

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