Astrological corner. All about stars: Polaris

Esteemed Readers, I believe that each blogger is a modern romanticist therefore you should be attracted with the night sky & the stars. No matter what you prefer more: astronomy or astrology 😊 I hope that you will find my notes about celestial bodies curious & useful. This time we shift a bit an alphabetic order to start with the most important star that is Polaris.

Since the times immemorial it participated actively in historical events & life of ordinary people. It is the star of hope for sailors & travellers, the star of navigation. Its influence was noted both in Europe & in the Middle East.  It was called Stella Polaris in Latin, Scip-Steorra (ship star) is the Old English, Dhruva (fixed) in the Indian Sacred texts the Puranas, al-Judayy (a young goat) in the Arabic astrology. Christianity endowed it with spiritual sense. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary & named the Marian Polar Star.

Polaris is situated in the Northern Hemisphere, it joins the constellation Ursa Minor & is considered to be so called a fixed star. It means that it does not move relative to the Earth. It is amazing to think that since the epoch of dinosaurs it shifted only for 0.66 grades as the modern astronomical calculations say. Its distance to the Earth is 433 light-years. (Please, keep it in mind if you are going to a space journey). Polaris is a triple stellar system that unites a yellow super giant with other two smaller stars. It is a pulsating star, its temperature & colour varies.

Astrology regards its influence both positive & negative. On one hand, it is a star of high spiritual level, it might help to obtain power & social influence however it is very uncertain if a person takes it for granted. Polaris is a star of duty, it might give you a world of good only if you develop your best moral qualities. In case if you don’t, it will bring you misfortunes, grieves & sufferings to teach you or to make you comprehend that the spirit is far more important than passing pleasures of the material existence.

You can contemplate Polaris all year round in the Northern Hemisphere, while it is completely invisible in the Southern one.

Happy stellar journey!🎇✨✨☺

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3 Responses to Astrological corner. All about stars: Polaris

  1. The stars have always fascinated me; I began using the North Star (Polaris) as a navigational tool at 11. I was in the Boy Scouts, and we had to learn to use a compass on the trail. Ursa Minor and the Plow portion (or Big Dipper) of Ursa Major were used to pinpoint the star’s location since it is not the brightest in the sky and can be lost in others much brighter. We used the star as a reference during the night hikes and adventures. Thank you for this examination of the North Star.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      👍👍👍 Wonderful experience, dear John! I’m glad you had it. It should have been amazing to be a boy scout! In Moscow my appartement is located on the 11th floor & we have a wonderful sky view when it is clear. So, you can contemplate constellation so close, especially in autumn & in winter. Frost times are the best! 🙂

      • The desert is the best place for star viewing. There is no light, and the air is free of humidity, so it is very clear at night. Here in the Austin area, there is too much
        light, and it is difficult to find some of the constellations.

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