Tico & the Man’s Stories: Green Parrot & the Noise

Once upon a time in wild evergreen forests of Brazil there was a handsome Amazon parrot. He was kind, joyful, full of sympathy and, for certain, curious as all the parrots were. However, he was a bit unusual. He was born during a rainy season. The moment when he was cracking the shell of his egg drops fell right on it singing ‘Tic-tic!’ So, his mother comprehended it as a special sign and called her newborn Tico.

For a long period of time Tico had a perfect life of a joyful tropical parrot. It was full of bird’s events, curious discoveries and even dangerous ventures. One of them, a curious expedition to a snake liar ended with a serious fracture of his right wing. Tico survived but was never able to fly so well as before and lost his leading place in his flock. The parrot did not give up and he decided to get married saying: “Flying is not everything for a parrot! Our forest is full of curious things! I shall find a good wife, and together we shall live a happy life!” Nevertheless, this plan failed as young and beautiful she-parrots either refused or paid no attention to our hero. They did not need his good heart and cheerful disposition.

It was a rainy season again when a sad Tico decided to give up his illusion of a happy family and to discover a real deed he could dedicate his life. As soon as he did so, he suddenly heard a delightful noise and for the first time in his life he imitated it. It came out very clearly. Listening to his own voice made him happy. He absorbed into sound imitation and passed this way the whole tropical winter. Sounds he was listening were melancholic songs of ordinary raindrops.

Let’s make Tico & the Man more famous. Please, share this post and the links below for more people to learn about this amazing, kind and talented singer:

Youtube, Official Site, Facebook 

 Maria KethuProfumo in collaboration with Tico & the Man Frank Maglio


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3 Responses to Tico & the Man’s Stories: Green Parrot & the Noise

  1. A delightful story, Maria. Wishing you, Tico and the Man much fun.

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