Tico & the Man’s Stories: Welcome!

Esteemed Readers, this year I have prepared a surprise for you. Let me introduce you an amazing talented singing Amazon parrot Tico and his company: Frank Junior who represents a guitar part of the performance, Mr. Frank who plays the piano, and Gina the Muse of all of them. Besides, they are a united family our hero belongs to. They love our feathery singer very much and do their best to develop his singing skills.

Tico is not an ordinary parrot. His destiny kept his talent hidden until his eighteen anniversary. It burst out suddenly during dull pandemic times when Frank was playing his guitar. Tico liked the sound and began to sing back. Everybody was surprised to discover his interest in music. First videos were recorded and downloaded in the Youtube where they met a heartfelt response of viewers. The project was named “Tico & the Man”. So the story began…

We are going to follow Tico’s musical path not only in videos I’m going to share (by authority of Tico & Frank). Found himself in Eternamenta blog Tico will travel around the world of music. They are short tales of mine that will join Tico’s performances.

Enjoy Tico’s adventures in the world of music!

Let’s make Tico & the Man more famous. Please, share this post and the links below for more people to learn about this amazing, kind and talented singer:

Youtube, Official Site, Facebook 

 Maria KethuProfumo in collaboration with Tico & the Man Frank Maglio


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12 Responses to Tico & the Man’s Stories: Welcome!

  1. Tico is incredibly good💓

  2. This was fun, Maria. Tico produces smiles from second one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Klausbernd says:

    Our dear friend Maria,
    what an amazing bird, so talented. We are impressed.
    Thanks for sharing.
    With love from the wild sea
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. So delightful, dear Maria. I look forward to following Tico’s journeys. (He reminds of Queenie.) Sending love and best wishes. 💜

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