Russian Ballets: The Firebird

The Firebird (1910) is a short ballet composed by Igor Stravinskij. It is another gem performed during Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons (1909 -1929). The libretto is based on our traditional fairy-tales where the Firebird, (Phoenix for other cultures) is a a two faced Janus: it brings fortune & happiness but only after s set of serious trials. The image of the firebird means a hidden treasure that must be kept safe away from others’ eye otherwise it might cause great destructions.

The choreography was by Michail Fokin collaborated with Alexandre Benois. Together with amazing decorations & costumes the ballet had a great success. At present the Firebird is staged by the Russian ballet school.

Here is one of its versions: The Firebird by Igor Stravinskij.  Enjoy it, Esteemed Readers!

Maria KethuProfumo


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8 Responses to Russian Ballets: The Firebird

  1. Thank you so much, Maria.

  2. Un balletto fantastico!

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