Soviet Cuisine: Potato Delights II

Potatoes & mushrooms is an old classic combination that always gives a great delicious result. Recipes based on these two ingredients are very ancient in the Russian cuisine. There are infinite ideas & ways of cooking. Here are two traditional dishes that are frequent guests at the New Year table & not only…

Russian Potato Mini Pies (Pirog’i) With Mushrooms Ingredients:

Potato Dough: 1 kg. of peeled washed potatoes, 2 egg yolks, flour – a bit if necessary, oil – 2 tbsp.

Filling: dried /fresh mushrooms, 2 onions, 2 eggs, bread crumbles – 1/2 glass, oil – 4 tbsp., salt, pepper.


Potato Dough: boil potatoes, drain water, leave it to cool down for 10 minutes. Smash it well. Add oil, eggs, flour if necessary. Mix everything well. Prepare the filling.

Filling: wash & boil mushrooms, cut or slice them,  add salt, pepper, fry with oil together with chopped onions.

Shape circles from the dough, put some filling with a spoon, make half-moons & fix the seam well. Cover with fresh eggs, roll in bread crumbles. Fry with oil. Cool down. Serve with sour-cream.

Fried Potatoes With Mushrooms Ingredients:

peeled potatoes – 1kg, fresh/ dried mushrooms – 500 gr.,  1-2 onions, sour cream 1/2 glass, oil -3 tbsp, 1 bay leaf, salt, pepper, 1 sprout of parsley.


Wash, cut or slice mushrooms. Peel off & chop onions. Salt, pepper, fry together with oil. Cut potatoes into pieces, add into mushrooms & onions, fry together. Then add a bit of water, sour-cream, the sprout of parsley & the bay leaf. Cook at a low heat for 20-25 minutes. Serve decorated with cut parsleys.

Enjoy the meal! 🥕🥔🥦

PS. The recipes are translated from authentic Soviet Culinary Books.

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  1. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour Bonne cuisine est le pain
    Le jour vient de se lever c ‘est l’heure du petit déjeuner
    L’occasion pour moi de te rappeler notre amitié
    Je voulais mettre un peu de sucre dans ton café
    En te souhaitant une bonne journée
    Le soir après ce petit écris pour toi
    Me rends heureux en pensant que tu es pu le lire
    Tu es un ami ou une amie merveilleuse
    Je te destine un petit bisou
    Ton ami BERNARD

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