La Gazette 1634: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, there are curious tidings coming from Italy. Today we broadcast gli affari italiani/Italian affairs important for the period of the Thirty Years’ War (1618 -1648).

Rome, the 15th of August, 1634: “Last week Sieur Chigi di Sienna, – who is going to be charged as an Apostolic Inquisitor, – the Commander de Savure & some other persons departed from Malta by the Pope’s galleys that set sail in Messina directing by the General Priory Nari. On the 5th of the given month Marquis de Sainte-Croix sailed to Cività Vecchia with 7 galleys he had delivered from Barcelona. (He was going) to make a fleet in the Kingdom of Sicily. The same day on the occasion of the feast of the Notre-Dame-de-Neiges Cardinal Antonio the Archpriest of the Santa Maria Maggiore said the Mass in this church accompanied by 35 Prelates & members of the French Grands (NB: Nobility). After a wise Sermon by P. Monstre Iacobin, the Maître of the Sacred Place, snow-white rose & jasmin petals fell down from the church vault. Besides, the Cardinal had ordered again to make it richly decorated (for this feast).

On the 6th (of the given month) His Holiness pealed the bells of the Chapel di Monte Cavallo he frequented since his inauguration to celebrate the 12th anniversary of his Pontificate… His Holiness said a short Mass for conquering of Ratisbone. The ceremony was modest due to d’Aldringer’s death & other loses of the Imperialists…

The Spanish Ministers are in trouble in Milan, (NB: The Duchy of Milan belonged to the Spaniards that time), since Cardinal Monti possessed a diocese in this city. Cardinal Alboroz imprisoned some Canons & ordered the Abbot Befozzo, the Chapel Steward, to leave the State of Milan within 24 hours…Urgent Couriers are sent there to appease the disorders. The Spanish Ministers have been excommunicated…”

Venice, the 16th of August, 1634: “There are news from Malta. 6 galleys of the Order (NB: The Order of Malta) opposed the Barbary Corsairs under commande of Don Carlos Waldine, the General of the Religious galleys. They fought against 15 thousand (pirates) from Tripoli, 3 huge vessels & about 20 canons. (The Order) possessed these ships after a great battle: they made 337 Turks slaves, liberated 150 Christians put into irons & returned two vessels belonging to Marseilles back as they had been sea-jacked by these very corsairs. (Another good tiding): the vessels of the Captains Village, Sillon & Garnier, armed at war of Malta, returned in their port captured 2 Turkish Ourques (NB: a special kind of a vessel) with plenty of slaves valued of 80 thousand escus…”

Vive le Roy!🎉🎉🎉

Maria KethuProfumo


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3 Responses to La Gazette 1634: Historical News Today

  1. Looks like the battle at Venice was a significant victory. The 337 Turks were enslaved, but I wonder what happened to the 15,000 pirates from Tipoli. Maybe they ran away. Thank you for the news, Maria

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