La Gazette 1634: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, any war means great adventures. The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) is not an exception. Let’s follow ones of two our old friends: the General Horn & Ringave Otho Loüis. These brave lads made their dark war deeds completed.

Ausbourg, the 7th of July, 1634: “The General Horn has learnt that the Governor of Aicha returned a garrison to his town without any permission. The town was attacked, conquered by force. After all of those who had weapons were killed, it was burnt while this very Governor was hung in front of the town gates. Then the General (Horn) returned back. Plague is so grave at Wilsk, Hirsau, Amberg & in the Upper Palatinate that these places are protected even without any garrison. Besides, solders themselves have no wish to stay there…”

Strasbourg, the 8th of July, 1634: ” The Director General made an order to Ringave Otho Loüis to leave the siege of Rhinfeld & to join his troops together with 7000 people that the General Horn keep at Lake Constance & in Suabe under the Colonel Schavolki’s command to head for the Cardinal-Infante. To this effect he sent 6 pieces of ordnance from village Heidelberg. He had no desire to assault this place & this fact brings up this issue for further discussion…”

Thurin, the same day, 1634: “A short while ago Fire from Heaven descended to a big part of Ast, a town where the Duke de Savoye’s  gun powder arsenal is located. The whole town was shaken. At the same time a storm destroyed harvest in its outskirts…”

Paris, the 29th of July, 1634: ” On the 25th of the given month the Marquis de Chasteau-neuf Limousin was killed by a German Gentleman…”

Vive le Roy!🎉🎉🎉

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5 Responses to La Gazette 1634: Historical News Today

  1. Fire from Heaven is a good description of lightning for sure. So nice to be killed by a German gentleman as opposed to a German ruffian. Thanks for the news, Dear Maria.

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