Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Chrysogonus

Saint Chrysogonus (probably Emperor Diocletian’s time) was an early Christian Saint venerated both in the Catholic & Orthodox Churches. There is little information about his life & deeds, until our days he remains a mysterious Christian Saint.

They say that he was martyred in Aquileia. Later in Trastevere a church dedicated to him was built. His religious deed was to keep the faith no matter tortures & a terrible death by beheading. According to the legend he was a Roman vicarius Urbis, later a teacher of Anastasia, a daughter of an important Roman Praetextatus. The Emperor Diocletian (244-313) prosecuted him & the Saint Chrysogonus accepted his death rather soon. His corpse was thrown into the sea but by a miracle it was washed ashore & buried by a priest Zoilus.

Icons depicting Saint Chrysogonus raise plenty of questions about him. He is usually depicted as a warrior with a scroll bearing the Sacred knowledge or as a man in grey holding a Christian cross.

Saint Chrysogonus is celebrated on the 22nd of December/the 4th of January.

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3 Responses to Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Chrysogonus

  1. It is amazing that a Saint can be so mysterious. But when you think of the time those who could write history were few and far between. Thank you for the story of Saint Chrysogonus, Maria.

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