Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Marcus Eremita

Marcus Eremita or Marcus the Ascetic (IV-V AD) was a monk, author of numerous spiritual ascetic texts canonized by the Orthodox Church.

There are a few facts about his youth & life before he became a monk. Macarius of Alexandria mentions that Marcus used to be a meek gentle pious person who was devoted to the Scripture since childhood & received the Divine Revelation during liturgies, at the Communions.

There is an opinion that Marcus became a monk when he was already forty & then he became a hermit in the mountain of Wadi El Natrun area near Egypt. He had a long life & passed being over hundred years old. He wrote numerous ascetic spiritual works on various subjects that are especially urgent at our dark times.


  • “Consciousness is an essential book of Lord’s deeds: who reads it properly obtains models of the Divine protection”.
  • “Who has learnt the Will of God fulfills it without great efforts”.
  • “Peace means deliverance from passions which is impossible to be obtained without Saint Spirit’s influence”.

St. Marcus Eremita is celebrated on the 5th of March/ the 2nd of June.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information on St. Marcus Eremita, Maria.

  2. Thank you, maria: I didn’t know him 💙💙💙

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