Soviet Cuisine: Fish & Shrimp Aspic

Esteemed Readers, if you prefer light dishes, a fish aspic is a good solution. Besides, it is also popular as a festive dish & included in the New Year menu. Fish is more demanding for a recipe of the kind while the final result might be gorgeous after several unsuccessful attempts. Shrimps were not too popular in the Soviet Union as it was difficult to find them however I suppose that a shrimp aspic is extremely delicious. Anyway, as we can see there are various recipes of this dish in the Russian cuisine.

Fish Aspic Ingredients: 

Fish – 1kg, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1/2 parsley root, vinegar – 2-3 tbs., gelatine – 20/40 gr. (depends on a fish), 1 bay leaf, some salt & pepper. For decoration: 2 boiled eggs, 1 lemon, parsley sprouts.


If the fish is big, separate flesh from bones, if the fish is medium or small cut them into pieces. If the fish skin is thick, make cuts on the surface.  Put bones, a head without gills & fins in a casserole, pour 2-2.5 litres of cold water & cook at a low heat for 20-30 minutes. Add the prepared vegetables (carrot, parsley root, onion), & pepper. Cook 10-15 minutes more. Increase the heat, add pieces of fish meat, bring to boil, lower the heat & cook for another 20 minutes. Salt 5-7 minutes before the fish is ready.

Prepare the gelatine stock: filter the fish stock, add gelatine, vinegar & warm it up mixing. Don’t boil.  If the fish itself contains plenty of gelatine, use this substance less.

Take the fish pieces out of stock, put them into prepared serving dishes. Decorate with a slice of carrot, lemon or a boiled egg. Add a parsley sprout. Pour the stock on the fish. Put in the fridge until it is ready. Serve with horseradish paste, vegetable salad or pickles.

Shrimp Aspic Ingredients:

Shrimps – 500 gr, 1 carrot, 1 sprout of parsley, some celery, 1 onion, fish parts (bones, heads, fins) – 500 gr, gelatine – 20-40 gr, 1 boiled egg, some lemon slices.


Boil shrimps in salted water. Prepare a good fish stock (see the recipe above) adding celery & parsley. Filter it, add gelatine, warm up. Peel the shrimps, place in serving dishes. Decorate with slices boiled egg, lemon, parsley sprout. Pour the stock & keep in a cold place until it is ready.

Enjoy the meal!🍤🍤🍤

PS. The recipes are translated from authentic Soviet Culinary Books.

Maria KethuProfumo



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  1. This fish dish certainly looks good. Thank you for sharing this dish, Maria

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    Anche esteticamente bello!

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