Soviet Cuisine: Kholodets/Aspic

Kholod’ets or st’uden’, a Russian version of jelly minced meat is an ancient dish. I suppose that it is as ancient as Moscow, (founded in 1147 as our historical sources declare). Due to our cold & hostile climit substantial meat or fish dishes as well as appetizers with numerous ingredients correspond to needs of an organism surviving freezing winters & icy springs.

Kholod’ets is both a festive & an ordinary dish. As it takes plenty of time to be prepared in modern times it is more often cooked for a holiday. It plays its important part in the New Year menu & is considered to be an honour dish for the mistress of the house. Kholod’ets’ preparation is a true art, it needs patience & practice. Try to cook the Russian aspic at least to taste a different version of such an international dish. Serve with horseradish paste or good mustard.

Russian Aspic: Kholod’ets or St’uden’  Ingredients:

Beef meat parts (legs, etc) – 1 kg/4 legs or pork meat parts – 1 kg/4 legs or 1 pork head, 2 carrots, 2 medium onions, some springs of washed parsley, 2-3 bay leaves, salt, pepper, 4-5 sliced boiled eggs for decorations.NB: you can add 5-6 gr. of gelatine to make the final result successful. For serving: horseradish paste or mustard as much as you need.


Singe the meat parts, cut into pieces, break bones well & keep in cold water for 3-4 hours. Clean well with a brush, wash in cold water again, put into a big deep casserole & add cold water (1 kg of meat = 2 litres of water). The final water level must be 8-10 sm up. Cover the casserole, bring everything to a boil, cook at a low heat for 6-7 hours removing fat from the surface with a table spoon. The meat is cooked when it can be easily separated from the bones. After 4.5 -5 hours of cooking add washed peeled vegetables & other ingredients except the salt & the gelatine. When the meat is ready, remove the fat & the bay leaves, separate the meat from the bones, mince it well. Filter the stock. Mix everything together, add the gelatine & the salt, boil well again. Meanwhile prepare serving dishes or 1 big dish. Place there sliced eggs. You can also add the boiled carrots or pieces of onion. Pour the kholod’ets into dishes. Cool down & put into the fridge until it is set. Serve decorated with parsley & sauce on choice.

Enjoy the meal!🍖

PS. The recipes are translated from authentic Soviet Culinary Books.

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  1. I’ve never been a big aspic fan but these look lovely.

  2. Mi sembra interessante ma un po’ complicato!

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