Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Eustace Martyr

Esteemed Readers, energies of a war calls us to remember about Christian martyrs. Saint Eustace is one of them.

Saint Eustace (the 2nd century) is very venerated in the Russian Orthodox Church. He was a Roman general born pagan. His name before baptism was Plakidas. He was a kind man, helped the poor & people in need. Seeing that God blessed him.

God appeared to him while hunting a deer. A shining cross with Christ lit before the animal’s horns & a Divine voice said  ‘Why are you chasing me, Plakidas?’… ‘I’m your God, Jesus Christ…’ Plakidas was converted & took the name Eustathios (steadfast). His wife & two sons were converted as well. The next day after the baptism he returned to the forest to gratify God by means of a cordial prayer. In response God gifted him a revelation about his future trials. Saint Eustace accepted his future with resignation.

Rather soon calamities befell upon Eustace: all his servants & cattle died. The Saint left his house with his family & decided to sail to Egypt. The owner of a ship was enchanted with his wife’s beauty & did not allow Eustace to be on board. The Saint & his sons continued thier journey on foot but wild animals kidnapped both of them.

Lost in despair Saint Eustace wept bitterly. Nevertheless, he knew it was Providence & God’s will that tested him. He had to pass fifteen years working hard as a peasant before God returned him his family. In fact, his sons & wife lived at nearby villages saved by good people. Fifteen years later, as soon as his spiritual trial was over, a Roman army appeared in his lands. He recognized his friends, gave them food & drinks without revealing himself. They told him that they were searching for their ex general Plakida & recognized him with joy.

Saint Eustace returned back to Rome & became a general again. During a war campaign he passed by a village where he found his grown-up sons & his wife. Their happiness did not last much. When Emperor Hadrian (117-138) came to power he invited Saint Eustace to visit Rome. The Emperor made a pagan sacrifice but the Saint & his family refused it. Hadrian became furious & threw the family to lions. As the animals did not touch Saint Eustace, his family & him met their death burnt in a brazen bull.

Saint Eustace is a parton of hunters & firefighters. He is celebrated on the 20th of September.

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5 Responses to Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Eustace Martyr

  1. What a story, Maria. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    La storia di questo Santo mi ha sempre affascinato.

  3. theburningheart says:

    We hope, and pray peace will prevail.

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