Soviet Cuisine. Light Appetizers. Canapés.

To be honest, Esteemed Readers, it makes me smile to translate this kind of appetizer as “a canapè”, but to say “a toast” sounds even worse. Let’s consider that it is a canapè of the Russian size😁 with a big piece of bread. Here is a list of most popular festive ones:

RED CAVIAR CANAPE’ (white bread, butter, red caviar). You can use rye bread as well. It makes the taste more delicious.

BLACK CAVIAR CANAPE’ (white bread, butter, black caviar). It was a rare product for the most part of the country & if one might find the black caviar, it was certainly for a festive table.

SALMON CANAPE’ (white bread, butter, salmon, a dill sprout or a tiny piece of lemon as decorations).

COD LIVER CANAPE’ (white bread, cod liver paste).

SPRAT CANAPE’ (rye bread, smoked sprats, a half of a boiled egg or a tiny piece of lemon on demand). The sprats was considered to be a great delicacy in the Soviet times, especially those from Riga & they were praised even more than the caviar.

FINISH SALAMI CANAPE’ (white bread, salami, butter on demand). Well…as I have already mentioned, I’m not certain it was from Finland but it was very delicious.

BEEF TONGUE CANAPE’ (white or rye bread, beef tongue, a bit of horseradish paste). It was not too popular as the tongue was in short supply, however it is a traditional Russian appetizer.

HERRING CANAPE’  (rye bread, salted herrings, some onion or a chopped sprout of spring onion or parsley, a tiny piece of cucumber on demand).

Enjoy your meal!🍲🥣

Maria KethuProfumo


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13 Responses to Soviet Cuisine. Light Appetizers. Canapés.

  1. fulvialuna1 says:

    Insomma hai deciso di stuzzicarmi…sono magrolina ma una buona forchetta e poi amo assaggiare tutto 😀

  2. All sounds delicious. Can I please have some Beluga (Huso huso) on rye toast with capers and chopped egg? I assume the Sprats are from the Caspian Sea. all will go well with Pierre Peters Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Reserve.

  3. theburningheart says:

    Over here, we have Flathead grey mullet, eggs, I was a child I used to love it, but I turned into a vegetarian since 1972 (lacto-ovo vegetarian).🤷‍♂️😉

  4. theburningheart says:

    Well, I do not do it for health reasons, mainly for compassion towards animals, and esthetics, not my personal looks, but because I find it gruesome, and callous. 😒

  5. adhandmade says:

    my dear, they all look appetizing..I’m following..happy new year .. ❤ 🙂

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