La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, the New Year’s Eve is a good time for a new set of the historical news. Here are some local events of peace happened in France at the end of the year 1633. It is the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) yet.

Rheims en Champagne, 25th December, 1633: “On the 21st of the given month in accordance with the Patent Letters of the King recently verified by the Parliament poor disabled people were moved to a building of an old College, at present named Charité that was not used for a long period of time. De facto, this even turned out to be so huge since the establishment was discussed (everywhere). Some people invested more than 50 thousand livres in it. The town administration gave it 7 thousand livres  of rent, the town Chapel added another thousand & this should serve a good example for the others. In the beginning about 5 thousand of the poor were found (to stay there), but they were obliged to work in tough conditions so their number was reduced to two hundred. The rest were sent in other places. A solemn inauguration of this very place was wonderful & proper for such a good deed. Sieur de Maupas, the Abbat of Saint Denys, has celebrated a pompous Mass there. The Baronesse de la Tour & the most honourable Ladies of the place helped the poor with the dinner. Soon, if the end justifies the means, the Charité of this town will become an inspiration for others…”

Rouen, 29th December, 1633: “To make a challenge between the Poets of our times the Archbishop of Rouen has instituted two prizes worth of twelve escus. Two silver vases are used (to keep the funds) & they will be constantly filled. The first one is for the one who will write the best French poem to praise the King; the second one is for the one who will compose the Hymn honoring the Conception of the Virgin Mary. These funds were given to the Palinods, a Friary honouring the Virgin, located in the town. As well he gifted his own Library worth of two thousand livres to the Chapel of his Church & provided a rent of two hundred escus: the first half is to maintain a librarian, while the second one is to arrange the books. Besides, as nothing prevents him from his design to help writers, in his Archiepiscopal palace he has established printing works furnished with two presses, the letters for most common languages where  everything that he will find dignant will be printed free of charge…”

Vive le Roy!🎉🎉🎉

Happy New Year! ✨🎇🎄🥂

Maria KethuProfumo


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  2. And sure enough, Charité spread throughout the world. I also like the story of free printing. I could use that for sure. Happy New Year, Dear Maria. 🥂

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