Milorad Pavic for Christmas: The Glass Snail

In fact, Esteemed Readers, if you search for a set of unusual Christmas stories full of puzzles, quotes & giving you a chance to read a book any way you like, Milorad Pavic has something to offer you. That’s his Christmas set of stories named “The Glass Snail:short stories for Internet” (1998). The author presents you a curious Christmas play of his own named “The Glass Snail” & some other interesting plots. This set of stories is more interactive than other works by Milorad, it has two versions: printable & Internet one, which is a bit different.

Milorad Pavic believed in infinite opportunities of the web for modern literature & tested various interactive forms in his novels. “The Glass Snail” is a book to make your own conclusion what has come out of it.

Oh. some quotes for pretty Christmas Pavic mood: “We visit Paradise more than once while living, but we remember only the expulsion from there”. “You must pronounce each word three times to be heard”. “Advice is bad for the one who asks it as well as for the one who gives them”.

Happy Christmas Eve Time, Esteemed Readers!🎄

PS: Photo by Ornamio Design

Maria KethuProfumo


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4 Responses to Milorad Pavic for Christmas: The Glass Snail

  1. Thank you, Dear Maria. A very Happy Christmas Eve to you as well.

  2. Happy Christmas Eve Time to you, too, Maria!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Maria.

  4. Lovely quotes!
    Sincere heartfelt good wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year!

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