Voyage de Siam par l’Abbé de Choisy 1685-1686 X

Esteemed Readers, we continue our voyage to Siam. Good tidings: we are sailing towards the Tropic of Capricorn. The Lent period has been over. The Easter is being celebrated, so our menu has become delicious & sophisticated again.🎉🎉🎉

Aboard the Oiseau, 24 April 1685

“…It has been too hot today. The altitude cannot be measured: the horizon is full of mist that we call “fog”. Our captains believe it is connected with some certain isles nearby. They make members of the crew climb the mast with weather vanes but only the water is seen around. M. Manuel has prayed about the Ressurection of our flesh, while we are longing for more entertainments. I assure you that there are plenty of wonderful things (here), besides there is Father Tachart who we have not understood yet. The Crew does rather often. He teaches the Catechism: he always stays with the sailors, he forbids them to curse; he reproaches those who behave badly & offers a reward to those who speak a better language. If one does it everyday, it is worth of praying even once a year!…”

Aboard the Oiseau, 25 April 1685

“…The winds begin changing. The Eastern ones are in the air. So it gives us hope that they are transforming into the Western ones. They do all we need to sail towards the Cape. It is too hot today but the altitude cannot be measured…”

Aboard the Oiseau, 27 April 1685

“…The night is so dark! We have lost sight of our fregate. I do not know what happened as we have not moved from this very spot. It is still, there is no wind. I make it a rendez-vous at the Cape. If it arrives before us, it will wait. To calm down we are going to catch a shark. I wish it were windy & not fishy…The altitude is 21 degrees & some minutes.

The fregate has appeared on the horizon. She was behind us & was supported with a light Zephyr we have missed. A little wind is necessary for a little vessel. In the total stillness the fregate beats us. Nevertheless, when it is windy we win, & while the sea consumes her we sail at full speed…”

Dieu Vous Ait en Sa Sainte Garde,

Vostre l’Abbé de Choisy ”

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Image: Beauvais, tapestry.

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11 Responses to Voyage de Siam par l’Abbé de Choisy 1685-1686 X

  1. Thank you, Dear Maria. Let’s hope the wind picks up again. At least for the Shark’s sake.

  2. bernard25 says:


    En ce petit matin, je te souhaite une merveilleuse journée
    Que chacune des 24 heures à venir ne soit que plaisir
    Que ce jour soit doux et qu’il t’emporte réussite et prospérité.
    Bise amicale Bernard

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    I venti erano fondamentali per la navigazione…questo diario ci fa anche riflettere sulla vita passata.

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