Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Pantaleon

Saint Pantaleon (-305) is a very esteemed & venerated in the Russian Orthodox community. As our nation is very suspicious to any sort of doctors & medical treatments, Saint Pantaleon might be considered one of the most important Saints of Russia as he is a Saint Healer. The Russian Orthodox Church also takes this fact into consideration so the number of his Icons in our churches is growing.

Saint Pantaleon was born in a rich pagan family in Nicomedia. His mother, Saint Eubula, was of the Christian origin, she was raising her son as a Christian but soon she died. Panteleon attended a pagan school & then he became a student of a famous physician Euphrosinos. His talent made him spoken at the court of the Emperor Maximian (250-310) who desired to see Panteleon.

At the same time a bishop of a local church Saint Hermolaus got acquainted with Saint Pantaleon & began telling him about Christ explaining that the Christian faith & a prayer were the best curing ever. They say that Panteleon believed after having seen a resurrection of a child who died bitten with a poisonous snake.

Panteleon obtained a gift of the Saint Spirit & managed to cure people with prayers. His glory was spreading & it was a reason of envy on behalf of other doctors who had been left without patients. So a denunciation letter was made & sent to the Emperor. To prove the power of the Christian faith Saint Panteleon cured an incurable person before Maximian’s eyes. It made such a great impression on other pagans & many of them began professing the Christian faith. It made the Emperor very hostile & he  decided to torture Panteleon to death.

The Saint passed all the trials & only decapitation ended his terrestrial life. The legend says that when his head was cut milk poured from the wound, while the olive tree next to the place of his execution instantly bore fruits.

Saint Panteleon’s head is kept in the Rossikon, St. Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos. The Orthodox Church also venerates him as a guardian of warriors.

Saint Panteleon is celebrated on the 9th of August.

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9 Responses to Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Pantaleon

  1. Direi che è proprio il santo giusto da pregare in questo periodo di scientismo esasperante! Grazie Maria per l’articolo

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Prego, caro Roberto. Io ho pensato lo stesso e ho deciso di fare un post per attirare la gente. San Panteleo è un Santo particolare, parecchi lo conoscono. ☺☺☺

  2. Thank you for this profile of Saint Pantaleon, Maria. I didn’t realize there is a widespread distrust of Doctors there. This saint is very important then

  3. St. Pantaleon Is a name hill near me 😊

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