Milorad Pavic: Unique Item

In 2004 Milorad Pavic presented his new book, a detective story, named “Unique Item”. The author himself describes it as a delta novel with 100 endings. Milorad continues a tradition of interlinear stories & unites them with a sort of a literary virtuality: he suggests that his Reader to join him to have this novel completed.

It is not the first novel by Milorad where he shares his talents & author’s duty with his Readers but it the idea of a literary virtuality makes it an extremely intense & keep your imagination attentive until the very last page…The only thing you must choose: if this end belongs to our genius Pavic or to yourself…

Here are some quotes to boost your curiosity:”The Truth is alike a vitamin. You might need it. You might not”. “Time exists only in the calender. Life gives everyone his own course of time”. “If you wish to learn the truth about yourself, know, that only your enemy might reveal it to you…If you know a way to make him do it” .”The time is getting old too fast in our epoch”.😊

PS. Photo by Anton Senkov

Maria KethuProfumo


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8 Responses to Milorad Pavic: Unique Item

  1. I love the quotes and know this is your favorite author, Maris. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maria. Slip of the finger. 😳

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