Milorad Pavic: Seven Deadly Sins

Esteemed Readers, have you ever read a books with no author & no heroes? I speak seriously. The one of the kind does exists & belongs to Milorad Pavic’s pen. 😁 “Seven Deadly Sins” (2002) is a set of stories with two parallel plots, with some ex-heroes who were invited or suddenly found themselves in these stories, & with the reader who is honoured to solve a new magic literary puzzled by our Serbian genius.

Don’t worry. The name of the books corresponds to its main idea: there are  Seven Mortal Sins, the Christian moral coming out of them as well as dreams, mirrors. some passion & brilliant aphorisms. If you are lucky enough, you might discover even its author hidden behind the pages & has a pleasant tea-time with him…or the author might find you & involve in an amazing journey with a completely unpredictable end. That’s Milorad. You already know his style!

Here are some dessert quotes to appease your literary curiosity, Esteemed Readers: “Any where & anytime any man tries to comprehend who he is”. “Life is painful. Any movement of mine is an error. Any word of mine is an error. So, I have to pay much for each mistake I have made”. “Happiness is the only free thing in the world”.

PS: Photo by Anton Senkov

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. Brillant, Maria, Thanks for sharing. 😁

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