Voyage de Siam par L’Abbé de Choisy 1685-1686 VIII

Esteemed Readers, great news! We have passed the no-windy area, so we are sailing rather swift now. There are plenty of sea-food & fished around. Just take a fishing rod & catch. Enjoy these pretty days on our 17th century board! :-)🦪🦪🦪

Aboard the Oiseau, 11 April 1685

“…Here we are at 3 degrees 10 minutes. The winds always blow to the North-West. We didn’t dare even to dream about it! We are moving to the South, so if the winds go on there will be no need for us to sail to Brazil seeking for the Western winds. We are going to catch some tortoises on the Isle of Ascension & to take some water on the Isle of St. Helena. (Then) we will pass the Cape of Good Hope without stopping there. It will allow us to gain a month…”

Aboard the Oiseau, 12 April 1685

“…The sea is full of fishes: ones swim there, the others fly over her. These who swim are often caught by those who fly. All of them fight a war & eat each other when they can. We also have them when we wish so. The albacore have won the first prize. The Dorades are in the game too. We bet on them (while playing cards)…”

Aboard the Oiseau, 13 April 1685

“…The winds are Southern. That is common for this place. There are no heavy showers ceasing them. It makes the wind strong & sustained. We began to believe that the order of Nature was in our favour & would support us, however we were wrong. The Isle of St. Helena has become inaccessible for us, so we are sailing towards Brazil to cath the Western winds that will move us to the Cape. The altitude has reached 3 degrees 50 minutes…”

Dieu Vous Ait en Sa Sainte Garde,

Vostre l’Abbé de Choisy ”

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Image: Beauvais, tapestry.

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9 Responses to Voyage de Siam par L’Abbé de Choisy 1685-1686 VIII

  1. I wonder why they couldn’t stop at ST. Helena. Seems like trouble there. I would vote for the albacore too.

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    L’immagine è strepitosa!

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