Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon (270-348) is a very esteemed & venerated Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is believed that he is able to help in troublesome time, to overcome financial difficulties & other serious misfortunes.

Saint Spyridon was born in Cyprus. He was a shepherd who since childhood cultivated most pious qualities of his favourite righteous men: David’s humility; Jacob’s kindness; Abraham’s love for strangers. His good heart & cordiality attracted various people to his house. He never refused to support them. Good deeds of the Saint Spyridon were rewarded with a good wife who gave him a daughter named Irene. As well he obtained a gift of healing & foresight. After his spouse’s death he became a priest, while Irene joined a convent.

During the reign of Constantin the Great (272-337) the Saint became the Bishop of Trimythous. His Divine force flourished that time, he made plenty of good deeds & miracles with his prayers to make people’s life better, to ease their sufferings. His kindness did not stop his Divine judgement. By means of a prayer he punished criminals, slanderers & oppressors.

Saint Spyridon participated in the First Council of Nicaea (325). It was believed that he managed to convert many supporters of Arianism. He inspired people to lead the Christian way of life & he was a perfect example himself: no matter his high rank, he lived simply & continued his shepherd’s deed.

In the context of the post-Soviet Russia the personality of Saint Spyridon has a very sacral meaning. As the country goes on facing poverty, great social & economical problems, this Saint is a symbol of hope & joy in dark days like these.  Saint Spyridon is prayed to find a good job, to solve housing problems & other serious issues.

Saint Spyridon’s feast is celebrated  on the 12th December (the traditional Julian calendar)or on the 25 December (the modern Gregorian calendar).

“Holy Father Spyridon, keep us just as you kept your sheep!”

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11 Responses to Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saint Spyridon

  1. Thank you, Maria. It is always fascinating to learn about the saints.

  2. HI Maria, thank you for this interesting post.

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    Sono sempre affascinata dalla vita dei santi.

  4. In Triest. Italy we have the Serbian orthodox church of St. Spiridion. Is wonderful, full of mosaico 🙂

  5. theburningheart says:

    Arianism, I kind of smile, when very young, without knowing anything about Arian, sort of wonder myself about the Trinity, Maria, and still do!😉🤣

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