Milorad Pavic: The Horses of Saint Mark

Esteemed Readers, if you wish to know early works by Milorad Pavic, the set of his short stories named “The Horses of Saint Mark/St. Mark’s Horses” (1976) is a wonderful literary opportunity. Young Pavic is yet distant from his writing experiments with the form, but his style is already particular, very unique.

This set of stories is remarkable as it keeps a strong blend of authentic Serbian spirit Yugo& its Byzantine Orthodox past shaped in a very baroque manner, if we might use such a comparison for our genius Milorad. “The Horses of Saint Mark” is a book of versatile stories. They seem wild & weird nevertheless this way they reflect unconsciousness of the Balcanic perception, its deep strong pagan roots absorbed with the Christian faith.

“The Horses of Saint Mark” is a big surprise for readers, while its mysterious content makes it welcomed, especially in our dark days of the world. It seems to me that Milorad managed to face his reader with the inner side of our human nature, to make him fear little what this wild nature keeps hidden in each of us.

Some quotes for your reading inspiration: “There are more bodies than souls on Earth”. “Even the clock that has stopped working sometimes shows the correct time”. “The hierarchy of Death is the only thing that joins together the system of existence at various levels of reality. It becomes an invisible space where Death is repeated unceasingly, as if it is reflected in a black mirror…” “Stare at the Horses. Now they are motionless. When they begin moving an empire dies…”

Maria KethuProfumo


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6 Responses to Milorad Pavic: The Horses of Saint Mark

  1. Thank you for bringing us more of your favorite author, Maria. 😊

  2. Grazie per questo suggerimento di lettura 🙏🧡🙏

  3. theburningheart says:

    I will look for it Maria!😊

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