Soviet Movie Café: War Dramas VIII

In 1977 Vas’ilij B’ikov, one of our famous actors, film directors & the war participant, presented a very profound & curious film uniting the war, its memory & next generation. It is called “One-Two, Soldiers were going…/Ati-Bati, shli sold’ati”(1977). The movie is shot as an interlinear narration: it shows 1974 & off-springs of those who fell in battles of the Great war (1941-1945) & events of 1944 as they were.

The plot so far: A small village Podbednya used to be a place of cruel & bloody events of the Second World War. At present (1974) it is a place of pilgrimage of relatives, families & friends of heroes who perished here.  One of their off-springs, Konstant’in Sv’yatkin, receives a post card reminding him that 1974 is the 30th anniversary of his father’s death into battle. It calls him to visit Podbednya to pay tribute to this event. In the train he gets acquainted with Anne Velenst’ovich who turns out to be his step-sister. It was she who wrote him this post-card. Together Konstantin & Anne try to reconstruct the war memory of battles in Podbednya as well as the past of their own family.

The interlinear war plot shows the meeting of their parents at the background of cruel war battles that seem a stubborn resistance to death & violence as well as a glimpse of hope for the better peaceful future.

Good news, Esteemed Readers. There is a pretty version with subtitles (English, German, French) on Youtube: One-two, soldiers were going… Enjoy the movie!

Maria KethuProfumo


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3 Responses to Soviet Movie Café: War Dramas VIII

  1. Thank you for this, Dear Maria. I always enjoy these.

  2. theburningheart says:

    Thank you for the link, Maria, I will watch it tonight! 😊

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