Milorad Pavic: Writing Box

Esteemed Readers, if you dream to read a novel made as a good puzzle, then just open “Writing Box” (1999) by Milorad Pavic & absorb in reading. The book made as a Chinese box with a set of hidden stories told by objects it keeps will amuze & surprise you with its profoundness & non-liner narration. Oh, Milorad! A true interactive writer he is!

Heroes locked inside meditate upon relation between Time & Space, forgotten names of love, while the author creates an environment of a true travel into the past for his readers. As it is expected, the book has two ends of the story: the first is offered by Milorad himself, while the other should be discovered on-line clicking the link he suggests.

Here some delightful quotes for you to chase after the book😊: “There is no space in the heart. There is no Time in the soul”. “They are the best moments of life that a man forgets easily”. “Dreams don’t become old. They are eternal. They are the only timeless part of humanity”.

Maria KethuProfumo


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7 Responses to Milorad Pavic: Writing Box

  1. Thanks for discussing your favorite author, Maria. This book sounds very good. 😁

  2. mocaiana says:

    Pavic is a really great writer!

  3. theburningheart says:

    I love the last one: “Dreams don’t become old. They are eternal. They are the only timeless part of humanity”. 😊❤

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