Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saints Cosmas & Damian


Unlike the Western Christian tradition, the Russian Orthodox Church as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church in general venerate three different brothers Cosmas & Damian belonging to different places. They have different feast days, but are united with one holy duty: healing of people.

We worship:

  • Saints Cosmas & Damian of Cilicia (Arabia) -17 October, tortured in various ways by a hegemon & finally beheaded with other three Christians: Leonitius, Anthimus & Eutropius.
  • Saints Cosmas & Damian of Rome – 1 July, who were martyred & died in Rome during the reign of the Emperor Carinus (283-284).
  • Saints Cosmas & Damian of Asia Minor -1 November, two brothers who studied medicine. They were called “the silverless” as they  oathed to heal people for free. Once they healed a woman who was in a hopeless condition. To gratify them she gifted to Damian three eggs for Trinity: the Father, the Son & the Saint Spirit. When Cosmas learned about that he got sad as it seemed to him that Damian broke their oath, so they stopped communicating. When Cosmas was about die he willed not to be buried next to his brother. Nevertheless after Damian’s death people decided to bury them together. Then a camel healed by brothers came to people & explained that Damian had accepted the gift of three eggs for God, but not for profit.

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11 Responses to Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church: Saints Cosmas & Damian

  1. Really interesting read!
    Grazie 🙏

  2. Thank you for explaining the two brothers of different places, Maria. They are amazing stories,

  3. George’s brother is called Cosmin a name i had not heard of before perhaps it is from this saint.

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