La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, the latest Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) news digest has arrived. Here are some curious tidings from Rome about life & events of July 1633. Whatever happens, Europe is moving towards the Treaty of peace.

Rome, 9th July,1633: “The Spaniards are fortifying Corregio. Singore Allesandro Valtrini, a Roman & a cameriere d’onore of His Holiness, has deceased in this city on the 22nd of the previous month. He has bequeathed 60 thousand escus to the Jesuits on condition, inter alia, to raise ten Chapels with five hundred livres of income each & to give 50 escus for marriage to 10 poor maidens annually.

On the 5th of the given month an extraordinary Congregation of Cardinals has taken place in the Convent of Minerve. It discussed the exemption the State of Mantova demands from His Holiness (necessary) for marriage of the Duke de Mantova (son) & the Princesse his daughter-in-law, for the good of the State & to split the intentions that menace this succession to become accessible for foreigners. Nothing has been discussed on this point yet…

The Pope has ordered a sumptuous baldachin above the Altar of SS. Apostles supported with 4 thick columns made on the model of those from the Salomon Temple & eight Angels with their weapons made from the same material worth of two hundred thousand escus. His Holiness , delighted with the beauty of these artworks, has gifted another 8000 escus to Cavaliere Bernini who is their Architect…”

Prague, 15th July, 1633: “To cause some damages for the Protestants Duke of Fridland has withdrawn most of his troops from Silesia to Bohemia. It was one of the condition written in their treaty of peace. Nevertheless, too many people blame him for being too mild…”

Camp in front of Philipsbourg, 28th July, 1633: “Our cavalry stays at Oberhausen & sometimes goes out to make some shooting to the counterscarp of the besieged who shoots little. The infantry has captured a small fortress & a windmill. It continues attacking…”

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo




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  1. Thank you for the news from the front, Maria. 😁

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