La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, at last the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) news has arrived! A good thing is that there is more & more information moving Europe to the universal peace & a new renaissance.

Frankfurt, 9th June, 1633: “On the 5th of June the garisson of Chasteau (Château) Heidelberg has departed with the army & the luggage, 13 canons & deployed shields. It has already crossed the Rhin. Meanwhile Palatin de Birkenfeld has gone to besiege Haguenau town. The Duke Guillame de Veimar stays in Voitland where he stops  Colonel Holx from entering Saxony with twelve thousand people gathered around Eger from where he sent a claim to Walstein who might gather more people from various places on his way (here).

Here are the articles  that the King of Denmark (Christian IV) persuaded the Elector of Saxony to give to his son-in-law Landgrave de Hesse Darmstad, the Messenger in Leutmaris, to discuss with the Bishop of Vienne & the Conseiller Wertmuller, the Emperor’s Deputy, for the treaty of peace between the Protestants & him:

  1. Regarding the peace: it must be universal & eternal.
  2. The Emperor discharges the suspicious people he was mentioned from the Council as well as he removes them from the State (Empire) affairs.
  3. Besides, freedom of consciousness & good faith (Catholicism) must be allowed & supported.
  4. His kin & he must renounce any pretensions to Dioceses Halberstad & Magdebourg for the Elector of Saxony’s heir who has been elected as the Bishop.
  5. The Catholic Ligue must include the Swedish.
  6. The Emperor can leave him-self eight millions in gold which he owes to the Elector mentioned above in case if he gives half of the Bohemian Kingdom including the Upper Luzace to his heirs & him.
  7. And,finally, he gives the whole Silezia & Brandenbourg to this very Elector. The last land must be shared between them in terms of expenses, damages & interests of those who has suffered in this war…”

Vive Le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. Those are pretty stiff terms, Maria. Let’s hope the discussion goes well.

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