Soviet Movie Café: War Dramas VI

The war movie “The Alive & The Dead” (1964) directed by Alexander Stolper tells about first years of the Second World War (the Great Patriotic War for Russia)which were very unsuccessful: too many solders perished & too many battles were lost. It shows an authentic dramatic reality of that period & a process of gaining courage & comprehending that everybody must protect his native land the way he is able to. To win one must pass a trial.

The plot so far: Ivan Sintsov is a journalist of a military newspaper. He accompanies the army along its war routine beholding victory & failure, valour & cowardice. Constant defeat make the soldiers depressed. It affects Ivan’s spirit as well. He is sent to another regiment but the car he catches to get there is bombed with the Nazi planes. He survives by miracle & finds himself in a strange war newspaper near Mogiljev town where he beholds his first real fierce battle of courage. There he gets acquainted with the captain Fiodor Fiodorovich Serpilin who shows his quality & fights as a true partisan of his country. This meeting changes Ivan’s outlook & his life. Step by step he learns to be a true soldier who believes that he must fight against the enemy & protect his native land.

Unfortunately I have not found the translated version no matter information in English & Italian on Wikipedia, so I offer you, Esteemed Readers, the original link: episode 1, episode 2. The movie is very good, the war environment is reconstructed in a very precise manner.

Maria KethuProfumo


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3 Responses to Soviet Movie Café: War Dramas VI

  1. Thank you so much, Maria. Even without translation some of the emotion of the movie comes through and is worth watching. 😁

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